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Grey hair is no longer considered a sign of age. But on the contrary. You don't necessarily need to cover them up with hair color anymore, because they are in the spotlight again this year. Self-confident women of all ages now wear grey, natural-looking hair and try out all sorts of trendy hairstyles with it. Bob hairstyles for gray hair and gray short hairstyles are definitely trendy at the moment and look cheeky, encouraging and elegant at the same time. Appropriately styled, these look extremely stylish and can even bring a certain extravagance with them. Today we show you some of the most beautiful bob hairstyles that look incredibly chic with gray hair. You will also learn what are the best coloring techniques for gray hair and how to style it.

Trendy bob hairstyles make gray hair look full of power

The most popular bob hairstyles for gray hair

Actually, you could try any bob variant you would like in grey. Depending on your face shape and hair type, certain bob haircuts suit you much better anyway. Maybe you already know it very well.

For example, women with round faces tend to wear chin- or shoulder-length bobs with bangs or curtain bangs, which optically lengthen the face. Those of you who have more angular or square faces often benefit from the soft curve or curly bob. These are hairstyles that gently flatter facial features and jawline. Oval face shapes have it the easiest and can afford almost all bob hairstyles with or without gray hair. A good hair stylist will help you the most, because he can cut a certain hairstyle in different looks and adapt it to your individual needs.

Razor Cut Bob with Bangs

Bob hairstyles for gray hair are really versatile. With a razor cut like this, for example, your hair will be lighter and fuller at the same time. The face is beautifully framed and the cheekbones are elegantly highlighted.

Shoulder-Length Soft Curve Bob

Even more flattering for yours Facial features can be such a soft curve long bob. This hairstyle looks fabulous on women of all ages and face shapes. Wrinkles are optically smoothed and the look appears deeper and more radiant.

Curly Bob Side Swept

Light waves or playful curls generally give a hairstyle more informality and youthful radiance. This effect is even intensified with gray hair.

Side Part Sleek Bob

Naturally straight hair is actually made for such a sleek bob hairstyle. In gray, the hair even gets a lot more unique shine and looks extremely noble.

What coloring techniques are suitable for gray bob hairstyles?

There can be significantly more than 50 shades of gray! Depending on whether you've gotten gray hair over time or just want to dye your hair gray, you have some great coloring techniques to choose from. At this point it should be emphasized again that this is best done by a hair professional.

Grey Blending

This trendy hair coloring technique isn't just about spicing up gray hair with highlights. It's much more of a skillful method that naturally accentuates gray hair. Highlights and lowlights blend beautifully into one another and create a real work of art.


Balayage is a real long-time favorite among hair coloring techniques. Here, the hairline usually remains darker and the lighter strands of hair flow out of it like a smooth waterfall. Of course, this dyeing technique also works for bob hairstyles for gray hair. It gives the hair more optical structure and makes it look lively and lively.


Similar to art, fashion or interior design, this timeless coloring technique can also be used on hair. Of course, gray hair is no exception. These look even more spectacular and can be combined in a wide variety of color nuances. Whether a blunt bob, a choppy cut or a shaggy bob haircut - everything is possible and the hairstyle can really rock at any age.

Face Framing

Face framing achieves a great effect with just a few block strands. Namely, your face will not only skillfully caressed, but subtly pulled into the foreground. Full eyebrows, shiny lipstick and highlighter round off the charming look fabulously.

The best way to maintain and style your gray bob hairstyles

Regular visits to the hairdresser and adequate hair care are the be-all and end-all when it comes to gray hair. Unfortunately, gray hair can make you look much older if it is neglected and unattractively grown. In any case, use the so-called silver shampoos and conditioners, which provide a subtle shine and make the hair more supple at the same time. Above all, you prevent the formation of the annoying yellow tinge that often makes itself comfortable in grey, white or blond hair. However, do not overdo it with silver products, otherwise your hair will tend to have purple and violet nuances. High-quality hair treatments with natural oils are an additional, beneficial care for your gray hair. They hydrate it and ensure a smooth and intact hair structure. Sleek looks in particular look unique as a result.

Beautiful, even waves and highlights transform your hair into a real jewel

The styling itself is basically the same as with bob hairstyles in other hair colors. It is best to always blow-dry your hair with a good heat protectant and give it the desired shape, for example with a round brush. Of course, you can also use straightening irons and curlers, just less often. It is better to keep your hands off it if you have thin or damaged hair. You can easily get a natural-looking bob hairstyle in an undone or beach look by simply drying your hair in the air after showering and conditioning it.

A subtle hair accessory is absolutely right here

Bob hairstyles and gray hair are really a super strong team. Enjoy and try different haircuts and styling. Below are some more inspiration hairstyles for your gorgeous gray mane.

Carry your gray hair with fun and confidence

Always make it look neat and vigorous

Rely on trendy hair coloring techniques

Play with color nuances and hair waves!

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