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It won't be another two weeks before the colorful eggs can finally be hidden and found. Right! We are talking about the most beautiful festival in spring and which all children look forward to. Although traveling will be suspended this year, we can only hope for good weather to welcome the colorful and beautiful festival outside. In the last few weeks we have written exciting articles on the subject and collected great ideas for the festive Easter menu. On our website you will also find cool and simple craft ideas that you can easily implement even with the smallest children. Today we continue with 42 more Easter egg painting ideas that are kid friendly. This year's public holidays can also be spent at home with relish and learn a little more about the tradition of the festival in your own country.

Painting Easter eggs Ideas and techniques that can be implemented with children

Easter egg painting ideas and examples that are easy and awesome

There are people who make life very easy for themselves and buy everything ready-made. They think there is no point in going to all that trouble and even buy the colored eggs at the supermarket.

We say: great! Everyone is free to do what they want. But we would like to prepare everything ourselves and also paint the Easter eggs ourselves. That's why we collected today's 42 Easter egg painting ideas with great enthusiasm.

Let the children be part of the Easter tradition and tell them lots of stories

We have calculated a minimum level of difficulty so that even the smallest children can have fun painting. In all creative activities, it makes sense to teach children a skill. When you paint Easter eggs with the children, the little ones get to know the culture and tradition of a very old festival. Dealing with the colors is always fun and therefore there is no need to worry. The results can only be great.

Decide on simple techniques and paint the Easter eggs however you like

Tell that one Children, why paint and hide Easter eggs

Any child can tell an adult with conviction that the colorful eggs are brought and hidden by the Easter Bunny. Why it is like that? Well, because the hens can't lay colored eggs. The rabbit is said to have not hidden the eggs, but lost them while hopping. And where did the tradition of painting Easter eggs come from? The answer seems more common than one might expect: the long Lent before Easter precludes the consumption of eggs and meat. Especially in spring, the hens lay many more eggs than usual.

Trust the children more and let them be free and creative

Loving handicrafts and preparing for the party are the most beautiful moments that will be remembered

And since there were no refrigerators back then, the farmers boiled the eggs to make them last longer. The boiled eggs were colored to better distinguish them from the fresh ones. In addition, the eggs laid during Easter week were considered sacred and were brought to the church to be consecrated.

Discover interesting shapes together and let yourself be inspired by the results

Painting Easter eggs ideas and simple techniques

The egg has always fascinated people and brought them to philosophical thoughts. Painting Easter eggs is one of the most beautiful traditions that our culture knows. Especially for children, the tasks over Easter could be more than just exciting. Have the child color an egg as they feel. You will be amazed at how carefully the children handle the fragile egg and how well they can reproduce the shape with colours. The Easter eggs can be wonderfully beautiful even through simple techniques. Use watercolors suitable for children and support the child in finding ideas or in combining colours.

There's nothing worse than getting your hands dirty with paint

The Easter Egg and the Easter Bunny- Symbolism of Fertility

We cannot know when and where exactly Easter originated. We can only read the universal symbolism and look back into the church tradition. During Lent, people not only abstained from animal products, but also from sexual thoughts and actions. Supposedly this renunciation was supposed to increase sexual power and the Increase fertility after the end of fasting. Here one would even say that pagan symbolism shines through, but that's how the story is told. That's why we have Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, and chicks as our primary Easter elements.

The most beautiful things are simple - design with heart

The most beautiful spring decoration is the natural

Now let yourself be inspired by the attached pictures and look for the best technology and the best motifs that will make your party particularly beautiful!

The little artists always have a clear plan - support them!

Teach the children to be careful with the fragile Easter eggs

Painting Easter eggs Ideas and impressions for young and old

Give yourself enough time to paint Easter eggs - be patient!

Painting mandalas - the Easter eggs are the perfect template for this

Repeating motifs have something hypnotic about them

Color gradients are only great if you combine the right colors with each other

The little ones are very happy about the eggs hidden in the grass by the Easter bunny

Fresh spring flowers always look great next to the many colorful eggs

Simple, but much more important symbols can additionally embellish the Easter egg

If you like glitter, you can add some glamor to your Easter decorations

Painting Easter eggs is more than just fun - it makes the tradition even stronger and more meaningful

The most beautiful thing about painting Easter eggs are the individual results.

And the sum at the end shows how well everyone has solved their task

After coloring the Easter eggs comes painting and decorating

The more colorful Easter eggs, the more colorful memories of life

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