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There are usually hair trends that suit thick hair better than thin and vice versa. This applies to both the haircut and the hair color. Hair color trends are the subject of another article. Today we are all about haircuts. And for fine hair! Without a doubt, the thin hair looks much better with a short cut than with a long one. In the following lines you will find out which short hairstyles for thin hair are popular in 2022.

Short hairstyles for thin hair - what would look good on you?

What hairstyles to choose for thin hair?

Face and skull shape, hair texture and hairstyle requirements are the leading factors by which to choose a hairstyle. Thin hair is usually worn short for one reason or another.

But that doesn't mean that you can't wear slightly longer cuts. In the end it's a matter of taste and style. But with a short hairstyle you will certainly not make a mistake. Because here the rule applies: if thin hair is cut by a professional, you can hardly tell that it is not naturally full.

Regular visits to the hairdresser are a must with short hairstyles

The short bob in all its diversity

Bobs are nothing more than real classics among all women's hairstyles. The reason is simple: the bob hairstyle can be adapted to any face and hair structure. Women with thin hair should opt for a cut that brings more density to the hair. The short blunt cut would then be a good idea. It has a blunt cut and reaches to the chin. In a sleek look or with waves, both are possible. Also the layered bob, where the hair is long at the front and short at the back, is perfect for fine hair.

If your hair lacks volume, bob hairstyles are quite suitable for you

Short hairstyles for thin hair - pixie cut

Women with thin hair shouldn't have any qualms about whether short hairstyles are for you are. Because the answer is clear: yes. This classic volume cut will also be extremely popular in 2022. Even if the neck sections are shortened, the top hair retains a certain length, which gives the hairstyle a beautiful, feminine look.

The hair looks fuller

Boy cut and other very short cuts

It is important that the fine hair does not look boring or just simply fall down. For this reason, it makes sense to go for short haircuts. While short cuts might create a helmet effect for thick hair, volume is the ultimate goal of all thin hair owners. The boy cut is a haircut for the brave, also known as the garçon cut. The hair is cut to a length that is actually very short.

Would you like a daring hairstyle for a woman?

Mixie Cut

The bixie with its long bangs and tiered sides is already well known to fashion-conscious women. But in 2022 another haircut will appear that also combines two popular trends, namely the mixie cut. The mix of mullet and pixie is characterized by a high trend factor. Unlike the bixie, this haircut is shorter. The top coat is less fringed, the neck and sides are longer and more fringed. And if you want long hair again, you can hit the bull's eye with a mixie cut, because this hairstyle makes the transition from short to long hair much easier. Styling is very easy because you can simply let your hair dry yourself.

The mixie is considered a very modern volume cut

Curly Bob

Even if you can't wear a long mane because you have fine hair, your hairstyle can still be a real eye-catcher. A nice texture and more fullness can easily be achieved with thin hair with the right cut. These are short, but if you conjure up a few waves or curls, the hair will appear more voluminous. A super nice look is guaranteed!

A volume cut that also has a fresh and rejuvenating effect

Reduced length guarantees much more volume

With a layered bob, the hair falls more sweepingly

Just a neat one Cut provides a lot of volume

Short straight hair with a middle parting looks very feminine

Layered bob with balayage is very chic

Anyone who is still wondering whether short hair is for them should simply try it!

The fine hair looks very beautiful even with very subtle layers

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