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The slide into the next year - 2o22 is almost upon us and so it's time again for overviews and forecasts. As you may have noticed yourself, the current bobs have been a hot topic for us in recent weeks. You can find the most suitable one for you among the numerous variants on our website or give someone a great styling tip in time for the holiday season. To support you even more, we will show you 60 more inspirations on the subject of bob haircuts. This is how we make a quick overview of the latest trends with which we say goodbye to this year. In addition, as always, the inspirational photos are accompanied by simple tips for achieving a trendy look.

The bob haircut was the leading styling for 2022

The current bob haircut - modern and yet very different than before

Although 2022 stylists promoted a lot of fancy bob haircuts, at the same time the classic look was retained. The modernization works through small interventions that an inexperienced viewer can hardly recognize.

These are cleverly integrated layers that become particularly visible when the hair moves. In addition, you deal very playfully with the undercuts, side parts and the curtain bangs. Even with straight bob cuts, there is always a certain asymmetry at the tips.

Stylists strive to loosen up the bobs with effective, if not so visible layers

Master of Emphasizing Individual Benefits

The main idea of bob hairstyles is not a highlight in itself. Fancy haircuts are only considered fashion-oriented if they emphasize your own personal charm. The popularity of bob hairstyles in recent seasons comes down to the following: they manage better than any other hairstyle to emphasize the individual advantages of each lady! This also explains the many variants.

We regularly see Dua Lipa with some of the trendiest bob looks

Youth at any age

Any current one Bob haircuts from recent seasons successfully bridge the age gap. With such a hairstyle, you always look a little younger, fresher, happier, no matter what age you are. Almost all currently popular variants can be styled very stylishly and elegantly. So, despite the trendy look, you always remain at the highest level, no matter how serious your image is in everyday life.

Women of all ages can emphasize their youthful radiance thanks to the latest bobs!

Female of every hair texture and color

A bob haircut can be chosen for practical reasons in many cases. Ladies with fine hair in particular feel much safer with it. Taking care of longer hair wouldn't be that easy in her case. However, with the current bobs, even in this case, they can choose a more feminine haircut. The longer bobs come to your aid for this, which emphasize the feminine features of the face thanks to the clever use of layers and longer strands.

The short bobs with long bangs are easy to care for and emphasize femininity

The Undone Look

The undone aesthetic has reached an absolute peak in 2022. Swirl bobs and fringed bobs probably illustrate this best. The shaggy and messy variants were also seen everywhere. With it you always look like a model, even if you often have bad hair days!

So we say goodbye to 2022 with lots of great bob styles! Let's prove it again with the 60 pictures selected here!

You can find more tips on the subject and for your hairdresser in the following video!

Some of the hottest bobs of 2022 were with undercut

A major stylist challenge for 2022 is this: make classic looks look super modern with ingenious stylistic handles

This charming lady also proves that trendy bob looks are suitable for women of all ages

Do you find gray haired bobs as charming as we do?

Many retro tendencies can also be seen among the current bobs

On current haircut bob could give you an exotic look

The current bobs are very stylish, but never really boring

The bob has long been considered a summer hairstyle. But actually it goes just as well with a sweater!

Combine modern haircuts with trendy hair color trends

Ordinary Bob? You could never actually see something like that in 2022!

The quest to accentuate the ladies' assets led to countless gorgeous bob variations this year

Asymmetry of hair ends is one of the most important tricks of stylists when cutting bobs

The subtle layers ensure volume and momentum in the bob haircut

A bob with an undercut can look so elegant

Of the Haircut Bob is now a term that stands for emphasizing one's own advantages!

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