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Wedding Hairstyles: The Guest

Wedding hairstyles are a broad topic. As a guest, we are also affected by this. We should do our best in terms of looks. This is the only way we can effectively contribute to the mood of the big party.

Elegant hairstyles for women

If you don't think about it in time, it can get a little stressful for you at the last moment. For this reason, as a guest, you should look at many wedding hairstyles as early as possible.

We're here to help you with some examples accompanied by some advice.

Hairstyles with accessories: pearls and artificial flowers

Braiding a Modern Side Braid

Classic, extravagant or creative

Creative wedding hairstyle has something classic and extravagant about it. Creative wedding hairstyles best suit modern wedding parties. They do justice to the traditional character of the festival. In addition to the necessary respect, they also break the mold a bit. That way it doesn't get too boring.

Retro Accents: How to Style Hair in a 50's Style

In line with the style of the wedding

Find out how the style of the wedding is organized. It may have a strictly classical character. Then, even though you are just a guest, your wedding hairstyle should also be in an appropriate style.

You can find out what the wedding will be like from the location already selected and the desired dress code.

A modern restaurant and a dress code for extravagant clothing make classic hairstyles superfluous. You would look rather inappropriate with such a hairstyle.

Decide on a suitable updo

How it's done

Like the princess and not like her Queen

Don't overdo it with your hairstyle. You mustn't overshadow the bride. She must show royal beauty through her wedding hairstyle and wedding dress. The other ladies may be the princesses. That's not a little either. Save the "higher" version of the same hairstyle for your own occasion.

There is no risk of exaggerating with the men. There, the guests must be in harmony with the groom above all.

With loose hair

Or better with a casual updo…

Don't forget the basic rules

Wedding hairstyles must make guests look good. The festive occasion doesn't change the fact that you should choose something appropriate to the shape of your face! Stick to the basic rules for both hair and makeup.

If you also have short hair

Please smile!

Wedding braids are very popular

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