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The first Advent is just around the corner and that means the festive mood is kicking in as well. And that announces the great festival of reflection - Christmas. Everything is atmospherically decorated and in the mood for Christmas. Many families already have their Advent plates and wreaths ready, on which the first Advent candle will be lit this Sunday. The candle is perhaps the most beautiful symbol for reflection. This is exactly what inspired us today and made us curious about a question. Can you and if so, how can you make Christmas candles yourself? The topic is very comprehensive and we will look for and find many answers for you.

Make Christmas candles yourself and enjoy a contemplative Advent season

Although there is a wide variety of candles, people are always looking for something newer and better on the market. Handmade candles are ideal. Unfortunately, these are very rare to find, mostly at the Christmas market. From time to time you have the opportunity to pull your own beeswax candle at the Christmas market. And although this is an unforgettable experience for both children and adults, the candle pulling is unlikely to take place this year for understandable reasons.

You can get beeswax for candles in speci alty shops

Make Christmas candles yourself - continue a beautiful tradition

The candlelight creates a very special atmosphere and is perceived as pleasant by many people. If you use candles regularly, you will find that some burn for a long time and others don't. The valuable candles cost a little more money, but the higher price is no guarantee of better quality. For this reason, you should rather make the Christmas candles yourself and determine the quality of the materials yourself.

You can also do creative candle making with the children

You can choose any shape for the homemade candles

How do I make a candle?

To be able to make a candle, you just need beeswax or paraffin, a wick and a deeper pot. The wax is melted in a water bath and when it is liquid enough, you dip the thread into the liquid. Then you hold or hang the wick somewhere (e.g. on the clothesline e.g.) and wait until the wax has hardened. When this happens, the wick should re-enter the liquid wax, then harden again. The whole thing is repeated until the desired thickness is reached. This is how people used to pull out their candles.

But if you want to make candles at home, there is also a method that is a bit easier to do.

The clove-orange aroma of the candles is immediately associated with Christmas

For this you need the desired amount of beeswax, wick and vessels into which you pour the liquid wax. To do this, you should first bring the wick to the right length and position it "straight as a rod" in the container. The wick should be firmly attached and not lose its position. You carefully pour the liquid wax into the jar, making sure the wick stays straight. Now the wax should only cool down and harden and the candle is ready.

In some specialist shops you will also find ready-made wicks

Beeswax or paraffin is first allowed to liquefy in a water bath.

It is important to position the wick bolt upright in the glass

Which wax is best to use for pouring candles?

The best thing to do is use good beeswax for your candles. But you can also work with leftover candles if you are sure that the leftovers come from good candles. Common candles often contain too much color and the result can be disappointing. It's also important to remember that everyone at home will be inhaling the fumes from the candle.

You can create a very individual Advent plate with homemade candles

What is the wick made of?

A wick is usually made from cotton thread. You can braid or twist it. It is best to first soak it in the warm and liquid wax until it is completely absorbed. After the wax has cooled, you already have your wick.

Candles can be made very easily from beeswax honeycomb leaves, what a real candle great gift idea is

White candles can also create a festive mood

Make your own Christmas candles and enchant them with scents

Before you pour the beeswax into the vessel, you can put a small cinnamon stick, star anise, clove or orange peel in it and pour wax over it. When the candle is lit, the scent of the essential oils unfolds and it becomes so cozy and Christmassy.

Another possibility would be to simply drip 3-4 drops of orange oil, cinnamon or clove oil into the liquid wax to get the same effect.

The cinnamon sticks give the homemade candles a wonderful fragrance

As an alternative to cinnamon sticks, clove or orange peel, you can use essential oils

Coloring candles with wax crayons

There are different types of wax crayons. Pick ones that are good for very young children. They contain far fewer toxins and are good to use as paint. Simply let the desired color melt into the liquid wax and you have colorful and fragrant Christmas candles.

The candles can also be shaped well with toilet paper rolls

Pour candles into toilet paper rolls

The toilet paper rolls are a very well-known and versatile handicraft material. Instead of glasses and jars, you can place a couple of toilet paper rolls on a tray, put the wick in, and fill with liquid wax. When the wax has hardened, free the finished candles from the toilet paper rolls.

The result is wonderful

Attention! Fire hazard!

Always be extremely careful! Orange peel, cinnamon and spruce needles are high in essential oils and the oil will burn. For this reason, you should only use small amounts of them for your Christmas candles.

Crayons make the candles colorful for an even more festive mood

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