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Christmas is approaching and almost all interior designs are now adapted to the winter mood. Discreet and artful looking modern winter decoration is staged everywhere. Simple ideas with few details, but with a lot of style and glamor are in vogue. Crockery, tablecloths, lamps and glasses present festive motifs and are therefore decorative. Such practical items often steal the show. They allow you to achieve spectacular results with just a few moves. If you succeed with the winter decoration, it would be a good backdrop for creative ideas during the festive season. An example of this is the festive table setting with Christmas napkins. They are traditionally considered merely final details. Well chosen and used, beautiful napkins for the Christmas table can also become the main theme.

Find your strategy for decorating with Christmas napkins!

The best way to choose the right Christmas napkin decoration strategy is to answer a few important questions. We'll let you know what they are and give you tips on how to do it!

Should the Christmas napkins be the main element of the holiday decoration or should they complement the decoration?

Does your restaurant or dining room feature a minimalist or neutral style? Against such a backdrop, you could create spectacular decorations with festive napkins. You can combine different patterns, colors and textures. If you have decided on magnificent Christmas decorations, the festive napkins should play a subordinate role.

Discreet room and spectacular decoration with Christmas napkins!

In a decent dining room or restaurant, a Christmas sample table is the absolute highlight. So take this as a starting point for your festive decoration. All elements - pattern, texture and color - can be equally present. The most conspicuous of them should represent a connection to the environment, i.e. correspond with it.

Complete your magnificent Christmas decoration!

If the Christmas serviettes play a subordinate role, then proceed the other way round. Take a look at your festive jewelry and decide which element of it is most worthy of emphasis. Would you like to completely immerse the room in the atmosphere of magnificent Christmas balls? Then it is best to take napkins with this element. Have you decided on an on-trend color palette such as blue-silver? Let them dominate even more with the napkins! Are your guests allowed to sit between cozy snow-white decorative cushions or blankets? Napkins with a classy white texture would then be perfect. Follow the principles of mirroring and repeating the elements. Thanks to this, you could come up with a plethora of other ingenious decoration ideas!

Christmas napkins and their role in the festive atmosphere

Christmas napkins definitely play an intermediary role in the festive decoration. The better you define them, the more successful the end result will be.

Celebratory mood in a neutrally furnished room

Christmas napkins in the dominant color palette are perfect for Scandinavian, modern or minimalist interior designs. In this case, we would recommend a particularly elegant texture. You could additionally emphasize the solemn character with silver, gold or other neutral metallic accents.

Lots of shine and modern patterns

Another successful combination for Christmas serviettes would be eye-catching shades with extremely subtle patterns. This strategy goes well with particularly lavishly designed restaurants or dining rooms. In the interests of balance, it is best to use subtle patterns in this case.

Festive folding of napkins in neutral color palettes

Finally, you could opt for solid color Christmas napkins or those in solid color palettes. You could add solemnity to the room with golden, silver or other shiny nuances. In this case, great folding techniques would be particularly important! Choose napkins made of thick fabric for this.

The feeling of Christmas

Modern decorative concepts including for the festival season should be developed intuitively. The formal choice of materials and style is not so important. Rather, one should convey a certain feeling. In the case of Christmas, it's about a mixture of comfort, contemplation, wintry splendor, tranquility and joyful anticipation. You can certainly do this by skilfully selecting the patterns and materials of your new Christmas napkins!

We wish you lots of fun crafting and a Merry Christmas!

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