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After saying goodbye to Indian summer and before you feel the icy cold outside, there is a special event that you would like to experience and celebrate at the same time every year. Of course, this moment is about the strange and somber festival called Halloween, which is honored all over the world.

It seems like there is a law that the cold and dark season doesn't start until after Halloween. But what exactly is Halloween and how do we come to celebrate the spooky festival so enthusiastically?

Halloween is mostly about fear and trust

About Halloween and its history

Even if you are firmly convinced that the festival of spooky people comes from the USA and that people there are particularly enthusiastic about the associated traditions, we might surprise you today, because the origin of the festival actually comes from Europe.

The Celts still honored the transition from light to darkness and called the day "Samhain", which means something like union - the day on which the light merges into darkness.

The festival originated in Northern Europe

Why actually pumpkin?

If you look for the origins of the festival, you will find that the Celts collected the fruits of nature and made lanterns. At that time they used turnips. When the first Europeans came to America, they substituted pumpkins for turnips because they were much more common locally.

The jack-o-lantern works best with the help of a carving template

Carve and sculpt generously, like an artist

Why creep?

Many of us love the scary festival, but have probably never asked ourselves why we should be scared.

You can get the creeps if you can feel fear and in turn trust your mind better in fear.

On Halloween, the decoration should be exceptionally scary

The more terrible, the more successful

Make a pumpkin lantern

Maintaining old traditions is good and even better. when you celebrate Halloween in such a modern way and dress up imaginatively.

In today's article we would like to share something practical, of course, and this time it will be about how to learn to make a jack-o'-lantern. Considering jack-o'-lanterns are the emblem of Halloween, it's definitely worth learning how to make them yourself. The festival has gained notoriety precisely because of the jack-o-lanterns.

Wonderful results can be achieved by carving

Creating works of art, also independent of the festival

Painting a pumpkin and making a star map appear

A few discs lined up in a row also lead to good results

The pumpkin can look spooky

Jack-o'-lanterns can make a great Halloween decoration

We offer you 51 cool DIY ideas and carving templates that will inspire you and encourage you to do handicrafts. We wish you a lot of fun and enjoyment with handicrafts, because homemade is often the best.

The main thing is to get scary results

The festival can also be excellently designed with foot or handprints

A pumpkin and a tea light can seem terribly creepy

In the beginning, the outline of the pumpkin face should be drawn with a felt pen

The design possibilities are unlimited

At the chimney you can draw rural trains through pumpkins

You can also use small pumpkins decorate masterfully for Halloween

Witches are simply part of the horror festival

With some smoke, the jack-o'-lantern looks even more mysterious

The flickering flame of the jack-o'-lantern enriches the autumn decoration with light and warmth

You could even be scared of bunnies on Halloween

A nice task for the fairy lights before Christmas

The more pumpkins you rearrange, the more spooky that Halloween feeling will be

Simply drilling lots of holes in a pumpkin has its mystical, but also very elegant side

Leave some space for love on Halloween

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