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Geraniums are among the most popular garden and balcony plants in Germany. From a botanical point of view, these beautiful and long-blooming flowers are called pelargoniums, but popularly they prefer to call them geraniums (geranium, pelargonium). They belong to the large family of cranesbills and impress with their variety of flower colors and shapes. They are often preferred as colorful decorations for patios, balconies and other outdoor spaces because their natural grace is pleasing to the eye. In addition, the beautiful flowers have an important advantage - they bloom from May, unfold their full splendor in summer and delight us with their blossoms until the first frost in late autumn. And that's not all: The geraniums are extremely easy to care for, so that they can be grown by all hobby gardeners and flower lovers. So that you too can admire the natural charm of these garden beauties for months, we would like to briefly present the most important care tips for your geraniums to you today.

Geraniums decorate balconies and gardens all summer long

Right location, perfect container and right soil

If you have decided to grow geraniums at home, we recommend that you go to the flower shop to look for young plants. It is best to plant them on the day of purchase, because the flowers are sensitive to light.

But first choose a suitable location for them - this should be sunny and well protected from the wind. Geraniums can withstand a lot of sun, but too strong a wind can break their shoots, flowers or leaves. The perfect containers for these flowers are balcony boxes, pots, large buckets that must have a drainage hole. The soil must be permeable and well aerated, because the geraniums do not like waterlogging. In specialist shops you will find ready-fertilized potting soil for geraniums, which would be the best possible. When planting, you have to follow the rule of thumb and leave about 20-30 cm space between the individual flowers. The geraniums grow fast and bushy and need this space to develop well.

We don't plant the geraniums in potting soil until after the ice saints - mid-May

Watering and fertilizing - the be-all and end-all of geranium care

Basically, geraniums need a lot of water. The rule is that you must water your flowers regularly, but avoid possible waterlogging. In the hot summer days, water even twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. It is recommended to water more often and only a little. Don't use cold water, it's not good for the flowers.

The geraniums need regular watering for good growth and magnificent flowers

Pelargoniums are considered "heavy feeders", which means they extract a lot of nutrients from the potting soil. For this reason, you have to fertilize them regularly, for example once a week during the flowering phase. As already mentioned, you can still use soil that has already been fertilized for planting and choose a long-term fertilizer. Either way, your plants are well taken care of.

Geraniums are considered easy-care balcony flowers, but they need regular watering and fertilizing

Overwintering, cutting back and propagating - what should you know about it?

The geraniums originally come from South Africa and are used to a warm climate. Nevertheless, with the right care, they can easily survive the freezing cold German winter. First you need to remove dry leaves and withered flowers, cut back all shoots to 10 cm, thereby moving them to a bright place for wintering. The temperature there is said to be between 5 and 10 degrees C all winter long. Spray the flower parts with water from time to time so that they do not dry out. They are only allowed outside again on a warm spring day. First you have to loosen and reduce the root ball and then replant it. How to have your own geraniums! Otherwise, these flowers can easily be propagated by cuttings. You can learn more about it in the following video:

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