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The A-line bob is another trendy variant of the classic bob hairstyle, which we would like to present to you today. Style-conscious women who want to show a little extravagance hit the mark with this trendy hairstyle. But anyone who wants to treat themselves to a new look can also experiment with a graduated bob. In the following lines we will tell you what this bob hairstyle is all about. And the exciting picture gallery will show you how this asymmetrical haircut is worn.

A-line bob hairstyles leave a lot of leeway

The A-line bob - typical features of the trend hairstyle

The oblique bob, as the A-line bob can also be called, is short at the back and long at the front. It is precisely this graduation that is special about the hairstyle. The short neck hair merges into a longer front part, i.e. the top hair.

The hair starts from the middle parting and ends at the same length on both sides. The front hair parts can reach up to the shoulder. They usually end at ear level. A soft gradation can be achieved or a strong one. Depending on this, various visual effects are also created.

The oblique bob gets a very unusual touch with the bangs

The trendy haircut has many advantages:

  • What makes the slanted bob so popular is the ability to style any length of hair this way. Both short, medium and long hair look fantastic cut like this.
  • The A-line cut creates more volume. So the fine hair looks fuller. Both thin and thick hair get a great new look.
  • The hairstyle also flatters the face - it somehow looks narrower. The oval and the round face look excellent with an oblique bob. But the angular face shape is also beautifully accentuated.
  • Women who want to look younger could opt for this trendy hairstyle.

This asymmetrical haircut is very popular among women of all ages

Big hair is guaranteed with this haircut!

A-Line Bob - Styling Tips

This interesting variant of the classic bob can be worn in a variety of ways. For example, if the hair is shorter, the graduation can be seen more clearly. In this case, you can enhance the asymmetric effect. For example, you could conjure up light waves on the top hair. The oblique bob can be combined with a pony and then looks very chic.

You can style this bob hairstyle as you wish. The small details change the whole hairstyle. Depending on the shape of your face you should use different highlights. The length of the hair, a fringe, a center or side parting: you could rely on different accents for the different face shapes.

Smooth or with slight waves? Both are possible with the graduated bob. With a straightening iron you can straighten the tips if you are aiming for a sleek style. You can also easily make beautiful waves and liven up the haircut in no time. You can also easily create an undone look with a bit of texture spray.

With a strong contrast between sections of hair or with a slight transition between them, curly or with bangs… the graduated bob is a very flexible haircut. In any case, the A-line bob draws a lot of attention. Would you like one too?

You could bet on different types of asymmetry

This bob hairstyle can be styled in many different ways

Conjure up light waves and make the hairstyle something special

For all ages, the graduated bob is a great option for a trendy hairstyle

An example of easily recognizable graduation

A perfect women's hairstyle for anyone who wants to show more individuality

The graduated bob gives the outfit a special touch

The slanted bob comes into its own with a center parting

But the side parting is also very good with this haircut

A casual version with light waves for everyday use

Create contrasts with the haircut and attract everyone's attention

The long graduated bob is just mesmerizing!

This trendy hairstyle gives women even more femininity

The front part of the hair could cover the forehead and thus optically change the shape of the face

A side parting with bangs looks very stylish

A strong contrast between the lengths could look very elegant

Curls also look really good with this trendy hairstyle

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