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Coke is unhe althy? Well, we can't really disagree with that claim. Nevertheless, the brown, sweet showerhead still has many useful properties from which you can benefit both in the household and in everyday life. Why is it? Apparently due to the special ingredients of the world-famous soft drink - above all the phosphoric acid and carbonic acid. Below are our 10 favorite coke life hacks. Take a look at all of them and if you wish, try those of them that you need right now. This not only saves you a lot of money and time, but also does something good for the environment. Because in most cases you don't reach for the chemical club.

If you don't like drinking coke that much or you don't like it, take advantage of the following life hacks!

Extra tip: Make sure you prefer the sugary version of the drink and not the one that has sugar substitutes. This is because it is not completely filtered by the water treatment plants.

Clean glasses

Depending on the frame, you should be more careful. In principle, the glasses are moistened with coke and left to stand for a few minutes. Then rinse off with plenty of water and wipe with a lint-free cloth. Immediately afterwards they look shiny and extremely transparent.

Remove Gum

We all know the problem. Either the annoying things stay on the soles of your shoes when you walk or even worse - they stick to your hair. It happens very often, especially to children. Instead of running straight to the hairdresser, you can try coke beforehand. Soak the affected hair in the drink for a few minutes or pour it over the sole of the shoe. After that, the chewing gum can usually be easily removed.

Clean the toilet

Of course, there are plenty of toilet cleaners. However, most of them are quite aggressive and harmful to the environment. If your toilet bowl is only slightly or moderately dirty or calcified, you should rather use alternative home remedies and doing life hacks. One of them is again the cola. You can just shake a large bottle of this in and leave it on overnight. The next day, simply press the toilet flush button and help with the toilet brush. Another method is to mix a quart of Coca Cola with two packets of baking soda or baking soda and pour it down the toilet. Allow some time for the effect to take effect again and rinse off. Limescale and urine scale simply don't stand a chance.

Remove Stains

The carbonic acid and phosphorus contained in the shower also help to remove stubborn stains from textiles. You can moisten the stains with coke before washing and leave them for a while, but without drying them out. After that, simply wash them in the washing machine as usual. In most cases, the spots should be gone. Some Life Hacks fans also advise adding some coke to the liquid detergent. Just try it out.

Clean burnt pot

Some pots just don't go in the dishwasher. Or they are so burnt that no washing program can make them shine again. In such cases, grab coke and use it as an alternative cleaner. It works best if you pour a bottle of coke into the pot or pan and heat it slightly. Let the liquid simmer for about 15 minutes and then rinse the cookware thoroughly with water. Anything burned should be gone by now. If necessary, you can repeat the process.

Clean Tiles

Calcified tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen and especially their joints can be cleaned just as perfectly with coke. Wet the tiles generously with it and use a toothbrush and a cloth to clean everything nicely. You can add some baking soda, but be careful. Because the two substances react very actively with each other and can foam a lot.

wash hair

It's an insider tip in alternative hair care that only a few people know. However, many bloggers swear by the fact that hair is much smoother and shinier after washing it with cola. Simply use the sweet shower head instead of shampoo and dry your hair as usual without further hair care. Done!

Baking with Cola

Cola goes perfectly with chocolate, especially in cakes and muffins. She lends it herself baked desserts an unmistakable touch and a great taste. If you're baking with it, you should add far less baking powder or baking soda, as the carbonation in the drink does most of the work.

Get rid of insects

You can drive away aphids and slugs with coke. Many small insects do not like the ingredients of the drink at all and can even die from it. Simply sprinkle the affected areas of the plants with Coke. You can even add some soapy water to enhance the effect. And if you want to keep wasps or flies away, put some coke in a cup and place it on the other end of the table. The pests are magically attracted to it and will definitely leave you alone for a while.

Make your own slush ice cream

Kids love slush ice cream, but adults do too, right? If you want to enjoy a refreshing slush with caffeine, you can easily prepare it with Coca Cola. To do this, put a whole bottle of cola in the freezer for about 3 hours. Then take it out and open it very quickly and briefly. Close the bottle just as quickly. That way the carbonation is gone. Now turn the bottle upside down and shake it a few times. Open the bottle and pour your finished slush cola into a mug. Now it's time to just put a straw in, lie down on the balcony or in the garden and enjoy!

Here are more Life Hacks with Coke to see and try:

Grilled food is deliciously marinated with cola

A tin can of the drink is quickly made into a super mini grill for sausages

Coke is also ideal for fertilizing and for compost

Drain clogged? Just use the cola to help!

Life hacks with Coca Cola are really fun and above all practical

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