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Artificial turf is an extremely versatile product. When installed correctly, it can be used in everything from roof deck flooring to seating covers. It can even be used to make shoes. In this article we will show you how to lay artificial grass on a balcony.

Artificial grass on the balcony is a very popular floor covering these days, and not without good reason. For people who live in an apartment, the balcony or terrace is the only place where they can enjoy fresh air and sun, right from their home. So laying the artificial grass floor can really brighten up an otherwise drab area. And a few potted plants can transform any balcony into a cozy oasis of well-being.

Laying artificial grass on the balcony

In general, laying artificial grass on balconies and terraces is a relatively straightforward task. Most balconies have suitable concrete flooring, are relatively flat and have good drainage. This is an ideal base for laying artificial grass. But there are always exceptions. In the following you will find out what you should pay attention to on your balcony/terrace before you lay a new artificial turf or have it laid.

Requirements for laying artificial grass:

  1. Check the substrate on which you want to lay the artificial grass

On what surface do you want to lay the lawn?

Artificial grass for patio is so versatile that it can be installed on concrete, paver, brick, wooden decking or almost any other hard surface. If you are laying it on a wooden deck, make sure there is enough space between the planks or the wood will rot.

  1. Is your ground level?

Artificial grass should not be laid on an uneven surface, otherwise air bubbles will form in the grass, creating an uneven appearance. If your subfloor is uneven, we recommend using a 6mm thick foam pad. If you have a flat surface it should it shouldn't be a problem to lay the artificial turf directly on top.

  1. How big is your balcony?

If you have a very large balcony, we recommend covering only part of the balcony with artificial grass (in the shape of a square or circle). This prevents "green overload" and also gives you the option of dividing your balcony into different areas. For example, you can set up an area for potted plants, a barbecue area, and a play area.

  1. Does your flooring have good drainage?

If your drainage is poor, water accumulation can occur when it rains, which is bad for the artificial grass surface. The only remedy is to fix the drainage before laying the turf.

How to lay artificial grass - a step-by-step guide

If you want to lay artificial grass on a hard surface (concrete, ceramic tiles), follow these simple instructions for laying artificial grass:

  1. Estimate height and length

Before laying the artificial grass on the ground, determine the width and length in which it is to be laid.

  1. Clean the surface

Before laying artificial turf, clean the area thoroughly to ensure the surface is perfectly level and all debris has been removed.

  1. Laying the artificial turf

Since the artificial grass comes in rolls, all you have to do is spread it out on a specific area and place it in the right place. Note that the orientation of the turf should be in the same direction for each individual roll.

Let the artificial grass sit for about 24-48 hours to avoid wrinkling. After the rest period, trim the lawn with a sharp knife. The rolls should be carefully measured, cut to size and laid one after the other.

If you are using artificial grass on a wooden surface such as B. on a wooden terrace, you can easily fix your lawn with glue or tape or with nails.

Do you only want to lay artificial grass temporarily?

For a decorative look, you can also just lay the artificial grass, making sure to secure the ends so it doesn't get lifted by the wind. You can solve this problem by placing garden furniture or flower pots on it.

Transform your balcony or your Terrace in a green oasis of well-being and fully enjoy the summer!

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