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A hammock or Hollywood swing in the garden can be so fascinating and magical!

Summer is here! Don't waste time and move to the garden! Do it quickly because this fairytale season is going by very quickly. Soon you just won't have any more time. Make yourself as comfortable and homely as possible there!

The right hammock in the garden can be very helpful in this respect.

Relax in a hammock in your garden!

If the latter is creative and exciting as well, then it would help make you really feel like you've been transported to another world. Would you like something like this?

Enjoy relaxing moments to the full

Create a relaxation corner in your living room

Hammock - garden for girlfriends

Take more time to chat with friends. Do you need the right hammock? Garden with such a facility will accommodate the most beautiful moments of your life.

Outdoor lounge furniture, in this case on the wooden veranda

Sleeping in the garden

Now let's be honest! In summer it's even a shame if you sleep inside. Set up a Hollywood swing or hammock to sleep in. Check out this great example here. Will it be difficult to accommodate something like this in your home? Well, of course, you may need a very strong tree.

DIY garden furniture made from pallets

Oriental feeling in combination with a porch swing

Are you dreaming of a romantic Hollywood swing? At the same time, do you want it to have a warmer look? Do you really want to feel particularly comfortable and comfortable in them? If so, then combine oriental or Asian-style cushions and textures with the idea of Hollywood swing. Here's a great example of how you can roughly organize that. How amazing does that look nestled in the lush greenery, doesn't it?

Asian style wooden gazebo

Near the window

How well you organize your relaxation corner outside depends on whether you spend the whole summer outside. However, in most cases this is not possible. But you would at least want to be close to the window to enjoy the beautiful blooming nature outside. A hammock could also be set up at the garden window. Isn't this a great way to organize more seating without losing floor space.

Hanging chair near the window

Would you also like a swing in your living room?

Exotic like the canaries

Do you want to accommodate this kind of exoticism in your garden, which is known from tropical countries? Do you want to feel like you're somewhere with the Amazons more often? A Hollywood swing or hammock in the garden with the appropriate colors could help a lot in this respect.

Garden swings in all rainbow colors

When neutral and bold colors are combined…

Back to minimalism

All the exoticism and joy of color aren't really for you, are you? Do you prefer to enjoy the minimalist look of the whole thing in the garden as well? Then you should find a neutral solution, which is also set up in restrained, neutral colors. Here you can see exactly how this is possible. There's something Scandinavian about this little swing. It could be in the garden, but it could also easily be broadcast in front of the fireplace in the wintry living room.

Scandinavian style hanging basket chair

Stylish Hollywood swing on the porch

Do you want a stylish, yet garden-appropriate and fun-loving hammock swing for your porch? What do you think of these three solutions that we have selected for you on the web? The first bets on the vegetal motifs in the upholstery and the second on the decorative cushions on a neutral base.

Hollywood Swing

Inspired by Native American art

You can find more and more mixed forms that combine the properties of many different types of models at the same time. They combine the appeal and ideas of garden hammocks, hammock swings and another exotic tradition. In this case we have a combination with the Indian catchers of bad dreams.

Hanging basket chair with Indian symbols

Industrial and simple but lovely solutions

You have an industrial style in the house or on the porch. Would you like to be more comfortable in the garden, but aren't so particular about the style? The very simple solutions also have their appeal. Try to make the whole thing harmonize well with the surroundings through the use of colours, the right materials or the type of furnishing.

Industrial style solutions

Sophistication in a country house style

Stylish rattan furniture also for indoor use

Furniture with a sustainable design is trendy

Decorate your relaxation corner!

Cool furnishing ideas for the entrance area and the hallway

Hanging basket chair with fur padding and decorative cushions in white

The indoor tree significantly refreshes the atmosphere

Hammock in the garden, right by the pool

A cuddly soft corner for the afternoon nap

Modern style hammock

Transform your terrace into a small oasis of well-being just for you!

Living room furniture

Hanging chair with colorful and soft decorative cushions

A cozy reading corner can also look like this

This is also a very beautiful and simply designed reading corner

Reading corner by the bedroom window

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