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Looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, yes, but in what shade? There are so many shades of pink and you often want to hit just the right tone. Especially when it comes to a type of design and you want to communicate well, the exact naming of a color can help a little bit. Pink is not always pink and designers know this best. Today we would like to make an excursion into the world of color design and will try to name each pink nuance specifically. If you want to design an interior with bright colors, you should know something more than just the names of the colors. Which factors play together in the color effect? How can you be sure that the color design will work and that you will be satisfied with the result? We would like to report on this below.

Pink tones can be charming and extravagant at the same time

Color design and color effect

You'll find plenty of interior design examples and color design tips on our website, but we'll summarize everything for now. Whenever you want to work with one or more colors, you should pay attention to the available light. Colors work thanks to light and for this reason you need either sufficient daylight or a well-considered lighting design.

It is also important whether you use the selected color as the wall color or whether you use the color you want for individual home accessories or pieces of furniture.

You can also include several shades of pink in one design

In order for a color to be staged, it needs another colour, which means that it either comes to the fore or acts as a harmonious addition to the interior. Our theme is the shades of pink and we will use numerous examples to take a closer look at the effect of the individual color nuances in the room. For many, the color pink belongs in the girl's room and nowhere else, but our examples convince that colors can find a place in every living room.

High contrast, supported by the light - superficially, the design is very simple

Pink tones enchant our senses and improve our mood

Now in spring, when the sun shines longer, you have more courage to use colour. But why pink? You can describe the color pink with many terms, but it remains a very harmonious and peaceful intermediate value in which you can feel both red and white. Pink tones are associated with peace, love, purity and even naivety. Exactly these qualities can balance and even sweeten the overall picture. Pink is a colour, like any other, that comes into its own with light and contrasts. If you would like pink furniture, we would advise you to also pay attention to the material. The nobler the fabric, the closer you get to the effect of the color you want. If you don't dare to work with one color over such a large area, you can always paint individual elements with your favorite color. Now we come to the different shades and their names.

The beginning of every design is a great inspiration

What are the names of the different shades of pink?

Everyone's perception is purely individual. This assertion comes to the fore when the conversation turns to color. At the latest when you hold the color fan in your hand, you realize how different the individual nuances can appear. Depending on whether the white or the red color dominates, the effect of the pink tones can change. It's easier to understand each other if you name the color ballerina pink, watermelon, bubble gum or flamingo. Salmon is also a term that is used more and more frequently in color design. If you mix some yellow into the paint, you get a whole new color or effect that still belongs to the pink tones. Fresh, fruity or creamy - it always depends on the color mix. The slightly yellowish shades of pink include the famous coral and blood orange. If you let a drop of blue into the pink, you get a rich magenta.

Pale shades need more light

An experienced color scheme can even be provocative

Colours, shape and material interact in the overall picture

It is very difficult to summarize the entire and complex theory of color in a short article. In addition, it is really about practical experience and technical knowledge. Are you willing to To design interior with pink, then start your experiment with objects in the shade you want. For example, a pink carpet that takes up enough space would be very practical. So you can feel the effect of the color in the room. If you are satisfied with that, then you can gradually multiply the elements in pink. Home accessories such as pillows and blankets help well with this project. Danger! Decide on a color tone and try to focus on it as much as possible. As described above, this is achieved through the right lighting and also through the surrounding colors. Just as you shouldn't mix up colors, you should pay attention to the materials and also make sure that they harmonize well with each other. Color design is challenging and exciting and we welcome you to this colorful adventure!

If it is a piece of furniture, then this should really come into its own

The effect of color comes out mainly with light

Fruity, full and filling the area - this is how the design with pink can also look like

Loved heirlooms can be embellished with your favorite colour

Sanitary rooms also look more inviting in fresh colors

In most cases, a delicate ballerina pink is associated with a girl's room

Hard contrasts and indirect lighting - this is how the color effect changes again

The classic white-red-pink always comes across as nice and tidy

DThe apricot and the coral go well as colors with natural and high-quality fabrics.

One should have the courage to use color with a daring design

Textiles and home accessories make the difficult task of color design easier

Objects also correspond to the nature of the material

Flamingo red is also one of the names of the many shades of pink

For many people, the color pink belongs in the girl's room and nowhere elseA front door in pink can also satisfy the desire for colourThere are many ways to integrate the color pink into the interior

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