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From nourishing hair masks to growth-enhancing supplements, today's hair care range has expanded into niche categories with a common mission: make hair not only look good, but feel good too. This is where the luxury hair perfumes come in.

Do you use hair perfume and why?

Why should you use hair perfume?

Although it may seem convenient to spray the strands with everyday perfume, the high alcohol content contained in the luxury perfumes we love so much can be quite harmful to our hair. The solution? Hair Perfumes: The Overlooked But Quite Necessary Hair Product You May Not Know Well!

Do you think which hair perfume is best for your hair?

Similar to popular skincare facial mists, hair perfumes offer instant refreshment by nodding to freshly washed strands in the form of a delicately scented spray. However, finding the perfect perfume for your hair is not easy.

There are many differences between everyday perfumes and hair perfumes, but for the most part, hair fragrances are usually much cheaper and contain less alcohol. Most of these also promise to add shine and protect hair. So the next time you're after a workout or after stepping out of a smoky bar looking for a scent to pair with your dry shampoo, grab a perfume made for your strands.

There are different brands on the market

Extra Info:

A quick lesson in perfumery: Scents are a mixture of different notes. These notes are designations for the many scents that are present in a perfume. There are top notes that represent the first impression of the fragrance and are the lightest of all notes; heart notes which are - quite literally - the heart of the fragrance; and then base notes, which are the last fragrances that appear when the top notes have completely disappeared and the heart notes have started to dissolve. Together, the blending of all three note layers results in an immersive sensory experience and ultimately a unique, luscious fragrance.

Find your favorite fragrance!

An overview of some hair perfumes

Applied to the hair, perfumes leave a lasting scent that is both refreshing and sensual, as well as offering some additional hair care benefits. Below are some of our favorite hair perfumes that will leave your locks looking and smelling fresh.

Aveda Pure-Fume Hair Mist

It was only in the summer of 2022 that Aveda launched a trio of Pure-Fume Hair Mists. Each of these fragrances contains Sunflower Oil and Kukui Seed Oil and is inspired by natural aromas from different parts of the world.

Aveda Trio

Byredo Gypsy Water Hair Perfume

A strong hair perfume with notes like bergamot, vanilla and amber. Byredo's Gyspy Water Hair Perfume creates an invisible veil of fragrance around your mane and contains silicone that promises shine and softness.

Byredo Brand Gypsy Water

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume

This scent is so alluring that you might want to use it instead of your real perfume. The scent ranges from an opening scent of apple to a floral peach rose and ends with a white musky finish. Sachajuan's hair perfume protects against harmful UV rays and stays in place all day long.

Sachajuan hair perfume also has a protective effect on the hair

Balmain Silk Perfume

Balmain's Silk Perfume contains argan oil to detangle and repair damaged hair while providing long-lasting shine, leading to its often used as a conditioner. And as for the scent? Balmain Hair Couture's signature summer scent will leave your curls smelling fresh and clean.

Balmain's Silk Perfume for hair

Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist Rose Fraîche

Fekkai's best-selling Rose Fraîche hair mist features a light, floral scent that fights frizz and static and adds shine to dull locks.

Hair mist Rose Fraîche

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