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It is a fact that in Germany alone, more than 125 million used mobile phones are gathering dust in cupboards and drawers. It's hardly surprising, because consumers are constantly being offered newer smartphone models. More beautiful design, innovative software and ever newer functions are available to choose from and entice you to try them out. As a rule, people change their mobile phones every two to three years. In most cases, however, the old devices are still almost fully functional. These are very suitable for continued use. Nevertheless, many underestimate this fact and forget that their old cell phone can be sold. We will tell you below what the most important advantages of such a decision are and how easy it is.

Why is it worth selling your old cell phone?

Sustainability and environmental protection are among the most important reasons not to simply leave smartphones that are no longer needed lying around. Because the production of mobile phones not only uses a lot of electricity and water, but also numerous valuable raw materials. Some of the most common are cob alt, tantalum, palladium and lithium, as well as precious metals such as copper, silver and gold. Their extraction is still associated with sometimes serious human rights and ecological problems, especially in developing countries. So if an old cell phone is used again through resale, this leads to its extended life cycle. This not only minimizes electronic waste on our planet, but also saves valuable resources.

Of course, the financial reasons for selling your cell phone are no less important to you. Especially well-known brands, such as iPhone and Samsung in good condition, can be resold at a pretty good price. This allows you, for example, to partially finance your new mobile phone or treat yourself to a nice meal at a restaurant. In any case, it is more worthwhile to sell your old smartphone than to let it gather dust in the closet. And if this is no longer in good condition, you should definitely have it professionally recycled.


The easiest and fastest way to sell your mobile phone

You can of course also try to sell your old mobile phone on the well-known sales portals such as eBay and eBay classified ads as well as with Shpock or Kalaydo, for example. However, selling your smartphone is much safer, easier and faster with a well-established purchase portal. You can sell your used mobile phone with just a few clicks, and at a fixed price. High-quality portals always offer you a quick payout, free shipping and fast processing. You only need to enter the make, make and model of your smartphone in the online form and describe the condition of the device. You will then be offered a fixed purchase price - if you accept this, everything will be done very quickly and easily.

What do you have to consider when selling your mobile phone?

Regardless of whether you sell your smartphone privately or prefer a purchase portal, you should definitely take the following important steps beforehand:

  • Delete your personal data before sending;
  • Remove your Google account;
  • Reset phone to factory settings;
  • uninstall any apps;
  • Remove SD card;
  • Be sure to unlock your phone.

Ensure safe packaging and sufficient filling material when shipping, so that your device reaches the buyer protected and in the best condition. Don't forget to add any accessories and ideally the original packaging. All of this increases the purchase price in most cases.


Don't just leave your old cell phone lying around. Sell it for a good price, donate or have it recycled. Do something good for your wallet and the environment and be careful and responsible. Think global and act local because everything matters and each of us can contribute to sustainability.

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