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Winter is almost over and we will start gardening again very soon. We would like to help you in time - this time in the form of 7 very cool garden gadgets. Here they are already!

Prepare smartly for the new gardening season!

Our top 7 garden gadets

STIHL BGA 100 cordless blower

What is the most strenuous activity in the garden for you? Maybe you don't have much fun cleaning up excess leaves and other biological waste? Then you need a great cordless blower to help you! Here is a new model with an ergonomic shape and multiple speed settings.

Also particularly suitable for left-handers.

Mowing the lawn is now quite easy

Robot mower

Robot lawn mowers are becoming increasingly popular among garden gadgets. The WORKS Landroid is our absolute favourite. You can work up to 100 square meters with it and it will not miss anything. He remembers the hurdles and difficult spots and thus becomes even more effective over time.

Are you looking for smart garden gadgets for the birds?

Vivara feed silo

This innovation relates to the bird feeders. At first glance, the feed silo looks like a normal feeding column. Thanks to the intelligently positioned round openings, the birds can get to their food more safely and easily. In addition, the risk of contamination is reduced to a minimum.

Water your garden from a distance!

CloudRain Controller

Do you have a beautiful garden and would like to take care of it, but you don't have enough time and you are always on the go? The Cloud Rain system was developed for modern people like you. The setting is very easy and quick. Irrigation and other activities will also work well in your absence. In addition, the device does not need batteries or a power connection, as it charges itself using solar energy. All you need is a WLAN with which the waiting system gets in touch.

HomeBiogasLTD - living smarter and more sustainably

The innovations of HomeBiogasLTD

HomeBiogasLTD is a crowdfunding initiative that has developed many practical projects for environmental protection. The innovation we want to present to you is the home production of biogas. You get a very simple set that you can assemble without our help. You would just have to throw the organic waste in there and you have gas for cooking or other household purposes. You don't need electricity at all! A typical household will be able to produce electricity from its own waste for up to 3 hours.

Garden gadget for planting potatoes

Paul potato

Are you a fan of potatoes and potato dishes? If you want to produce the material to do this yourself, and do it fairly easily, then check out this idea! It is a raised bed system specifically designed for growing potatoes. Because of the tower-like construction, you can grow up to ten times more potatoes per square meter!

Sow everything modern and smart!


Let's stay with our own production in the garden. With Tertilla you can automate the sowing of seeds. This innovation is water resistant, so it won't break in the rain. In addition, the device can be recharged with solar energy.

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