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It's official now - Carrie Underwood has now had her baby number 2. Together with her husband Mike, they are overjoyed. It's a boy again! However, they would also have been very happy to have a girl, says Carrie herself.

Carrie Underwood announces the birth of her second child!

The father about the weeks before the birth

A few weeks before the birth of their second baby, Carrie's husband Mike Fisher spoke about his and his wife's feelings about the second child. He also confirmed that Carrie is very happy. At the time, however, he did not want to reveal the gender of the baby.

But under immense pressure, at the US Country Awards distribution ceremony, the CMA Awards, the country singer said it would be a boy.

Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher

Discussion about the gender of the baby

Actually, it took a long time to guess the gender of Carrie's second child. During her first pregnancy, Carrie wore blue outfits a lot and it was a boy. This time she was wearing more pink clothes and many made the wrong conclusions about the baby's gender based on that. Because of the color, many fans thought it was a girl. Now it's absolutely official: Carrie Underwood's second child is a baby boy.

Pregnant Carrie Underwood in a concert

The second pregnancy - very different from the first

Not only the dominant color among the outfits is said to have been different during the second pregnancy (by the way, during the opening of the CMT Awards in October last year, the singer wore a blue outfit). According to her own words, the whole feeling of pregnancy with the first and second baby should have been completely different. "They say it's different every time and I can confirm that from my own experience" - says the singer. It should have been a bit more difficult this time, says Carrie.

Finally, she said that the elder son Isaiah was a little confused when the news of his younger brother's birth came. She hopes his attitude towards the new addition to family life can change.

At this CMA ceremony, Carrie Underwood finally revealed the gender of her second child

Carrie Underwood at the CMT Awards ceremony in blue

Carrie wore a lot of pink and that's why you thought the baby was a girl

Despite the difficult pregnancy, Carrie always smiled a lot

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