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Recently Keira Knightley spoke about her experience as a mother in public. She has described this time as a physical and emotional marathon. Right away: Your latest film - Colette has now been released in cinemas worldwide and the subject of this is strongly linked to the role of women in society. Keira Knightley played the French writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette there. In her interview for the magazine "Balance" she stated that she felt a responsibility to contribute to more equal opportunities in the world.

Knightley plays Colette - her last film

Keira Knightley on the male-dominated world

In the same interview, Keira Knightley emphasizes that we live in a male-dominated world. In her opinion, we should talk more about the general experience of women and oppose the repressed femininity in mainstream culture. She talks about motherhood as if it were a very complicated task.

Despite her good social situation, she does not find it particularly easy to raise her child. The actress admits the fact that she has incredible social privileges. For example, she can easily afford nursing help and motherhood is still damn difficult, the actors think. Of course, she emphasizes that this in no way means that they would love their child little. She just thinks it's fair and important to experience the typical sleep disorders and problems in the relationship.

Keira Knightley together with her whole family

How Keira Knightley deals with stress

Finally, how does Keira Knightley manage to overcome the physical and mental stress of this situation? In her own words, she constantly reminds herself that she continues to make ends meet. She tells herself that she is doing the best she can. Also, Keira Knightley looks back on the past and reminisces about overcoming difficult depression in her younger tween years 19 and 23 and especially at 22 when she had practically collapsed. At the time, the actress says, she felt like everything was falling apart. With the help of a therapist she has seen light in her life again. She has also learned to draw positive lessons from mental breakdowns.

Surely such personal messages about motherhood and women's psychological crises are very valuable. You would help many women around the world to better cope with these challenges themselves.

Knightley at an official event

Keira - pregnant and with her husband

Knightley stays elegant even during maternity

Despite all the privileges, motherhood remains difficult according to Keira Knightley

How will maternity develop for Keira Knightley from now on?

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