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Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise out there and this has been extensively documented within various he alth and other reports. In addition, bicycles are ecological means of transport in larger and smaller cities. Bicycles are the main means of transport within many localities in Europe. The high-tech bicycle gadgets are of primary importance. They serve as motivation, as well as our safety and he alth.

Our selected bike gadgets for 2022

You can get this high-tech gadget in black, but also in other colours

Magnetic Bike Bell - a friendlier ringing

Would you like to have a bicycle bell that looks very nice and is really practical at the same time? That will certainly be the case with the Magnetic Bike Bell. In addition, this bicycle bell is one of the bicycle gadgets that are easy to assemble and disassemble.

It can also be easily put in your pocket.

High-tech innovation for bicycle navigation

Navigation System - Hammerhead One Bicycle Handle Bar

This is a GPS navigation system. It is very practical, among other things, because it can be mounted on the handlebars. Hammerhead One Bicycle Handle Bar also has a very elegant yet functional T-shape. The system is designed in such a way that there are very clear, luminous signals that protect your life, especially at night, and can save it in an emergency.

High-tech gadgets like this make turning safer

Signal Gloves

These signal gloves are also one of our favorite bike gadgets. Their official name is Zackees Turn Signal Gloves. The integrated LED lamps help you to give clear signals when turning.

Safe in case of accidents

ICEdot crash sensor

The most impressive bicycle gadgets do not necessarily have to be very big. Round and bright this one is and it can be mounted on your hard hat. This facility connects to your smartphone via a signal Connection. When an event occurs, it will immediately send appropriate signals.

A special high-tech jacket for cycling

The smart cycling jacket

We discovered a smart cycling jacket at Levi's brand. It represents the result of a cooperation with Google. Simple movements can activate different functions. For example, you can turn on music or make phone calls while staying focused while driving.

High-tech gadgets protect your he alth

Modern heart rate sensor

Cycling is a strenuous sport and modern bike gadgets like Wahoo TICKR are vital to your he alth. The heart rate is measured with it while cycling.

Innovations in bicycle gadgets

Linka Smart Lock

The last of the bicycle gadgets presented by us will help you to protect your favorite means of transport from theft. It comes with built-in sensors that immediately alert about unwanted movements.

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