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What can be so special about an egg? Well, it could get more than 35 million likes on Instagram, for example. It can also beat Kylie Jenner's post about her birth announcement. This is exactly what seems to be happening on this popular social network right now.

Kylie Jenner probably wasn't expecting the match against the egg on Instagram

Kylie Jenner and everyone else stunned

It doesn't make any sense and the message seems totally insane. Nevertheless, everyone follows the development of this story. Up until a few days ago, it was expected that Kylie Jenner's child birth announcement would become the most liked message of all time. However, someone has decided to fight this with an egg.

This is certainly annoying, but at the same time a great social experiment. Can something so pointless really mean more to Instagram followers than the birth of Kylie Jenner? Or maybe there are so many people who are fed up with celebrity news and want to give their opinion on it? This story raises these and other similar questions.

An egg on Instagram - what a great experiment

Kylie Jenner shows her outrage against the egg on Instagram

Yes, this is not a special egg. There is no such thing as a You Tube channel or videos of celebrities holding an egg. It's just an egg. But more than 35 million followers on Insgaram have liked it and it goes even further. Behind this experiment is a 16-year-old student by the name of Carter Wilkerson. We don't know if he was trying to piss off Kylie Jenner or illustrate something else. But Kylie Jenner is definitely angry now. She showed it on Instagram in a video in which she cracks an egg in the sun. The whole thing is accompanied by the words "take that little egg."

According to the instigator of the great scandal, this is just the beginning. What can we expect after this egg story?

Here is the egg video with Kylie breaking an egg!

How can an egg be more interesting than Kylie Jenner's kid?

Here you announce the egg win on Instagram!

Just before Kylie Jenner's post was overtaken by the egg

Here the egg is already far ahead!

This post announces the match against Jenner on Instagram

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