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In November of last year, a song by Ariana Grande was released that is enjoying great popularity. Her fans were fascinated by it. So it's partly a surprise that we didn't have to wait too long for the next big hit either.

Ariana's new song title is 7 Rings, and she's already started experimenting with it on Instagram. Officially, this new song will be released on January 18th. We and the other Ariana Grande fans are speculating around the theme of this new hit.

Ariana Grande's looks are very varied

Ariana Grande on 7 Rings

Back in December last year, Ariana Grande wrote on Twitter about the subject of this new song. It came after she was asked about it by fans. Fortunately, she shared every exciting detail. The song will probably have something to do with breaking up with her last boyfriend…

7 Rings is the latest song by Ariana Grande

7 Rings of Ariana Grande and the split from Pete Davidson

The singers and Pete Davidson became the focus of media and fan attention in 2022. Their relationship has developed very quickly. The two moved in together very quickly and showed off with matching tattoos. The evil tongues said that the whole thing would go wrong very quickly and actually that's exactly what happened. The separation of the two also happened in 2022 and it appeared quite uncomfortable from the side and one could even say - embarrassing.

In fact, the song should be from the time immediately after the breakup. After a party with friends and lots of champagne, Ariana bought everyone in the group a ring. It was just seven rings and Ariana describes the situation as very funny and a bit bizarre. But obviously it was very inspiring and unique at the same time. Ariana Grande apparently wanted to immortalize this feeling in a song called 7 Rings.

Great make-up for Grande - very modern

Ariana and Pete Davidson have already split

… but they still make headlines

Elegant hairstyle by Grande

The singer with a blond hairstyle

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