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Most people have big plans at the beginning of the new year, often to lose excess weight as well. In addition to the usual tips and ideas, new smart technologies are increasingly coming into play. In 2022, some new or optimized motivation tools will help many people on their way to a better figure. They complement the usual tips for losing weight. Take a look and you might find something for yourself.

A watch that will help you on your way to a he althier life

Apple Watch

This is an ideal application for everyone who wants to keep motivated to lose weight tips. It will remind you when to move, exercise, or just stand up instead of sitting down. The signals are based on information about the calories that users consume during the day.

There is a large selection of signals and melodies. Among other things, you can get a signal when you have consumed the necessary calories.

Slimming tips to wear on your wrist

Fitbit Alta HR

You can also wear this smart app on your wrist and use it to strive to get in better shape. It is a smart altimeter that counts your steps and the stairs you climbed. This will keep you motivated to walk more and climb stairs as well. Actually, weight loss tips always include this kind of "exercise".

A great app with he althy weight loss tips from Nike

Tips for losing weight with Nike Training Club

By downloading this application from Nike, you will gain two great benefits at the same time. On the one hand you can monitor your activities and on the other hand you have more than 185 workout ideas available. They include, among other things, visual instructions for their correct execution. You can even get very specific weight loss tips in the form of recommended workouts.

Do you focus more on exercise or on reducing calories? Choose the appropriate app!

Lost It! He alth-O-Meter

Can our he alth be measured? According to the creators of the Lost It! He alth-O-Meter is definitely possible. With it you can measure your body fat accurately and get concrete tips for losing excess weight. The tips for losing weight also include recommendations for different foods and products.

Many apps help to get more information about your own activities


How difficult is it for you to lose unwanted weight? Are you one of those people who need extra motivation in your fight for better shape? Maybe winning some money motivates you? Are you a born winner? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then you should definitely download the new application DietBet. You'll be able to focus on cutting calories and weight, and betting with others on whether or not you'll shed the pounds.

The best way for many people to get the right tips for losing weight is via high-tech applications

My Fitness Pal

Different weight loss strategies are right for different people. Some just need to exercise more and others like to count their calories. If you belong to the second group, then we recommend the Fitness Pal application, newly launched for 2022. You can use it to calculate how many calories you actually consume per day. There's also the popular option of pinpointing exactly how much you've moved throughout the day. Both in combination will give you a realistic picture of your current condition. This makes it easier for you to choose the right tips for losing weight.

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