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Kate Middleton is said to be pregnant for the fourth time. Word got around in 2022, but there is still no official confirmation of this news. Whether this news about the Duchess of Cambridge is true is yet to be answered by official authorities. If that's true then this would be a real surprise as the royal couple's third baby was born just 8 months ago. The news comes from a British star magazine, which also claims they are now expecting a girl. So far, the royal family has three children - Princess Charlotte and Princes George and Louis.

Is Kate Middleton really pregnant for the fourth time? Here she is with her second baby in her womb!

Official news about Kate Middleton's pregnancy is still missing!

The source now claims Kate and William's fourth child is said to be on the way. But it looks like the royal family has banned the rumors from spreading any further. Kensington Palace has declined to comment, but said an official statement would be issued soon.

There is a baby fever in royal circles at the moment and it has also caught Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Both are expecting their first child in the spring of this year.
Although it is unclear whether the news about Kate Middleton is actually true, bets were immediately organized about her and Megan's pregnancy.

The Kate and William family seem to be doing well raising the children

Kate and William's children's story so far

The bets are on who will have a baby first and it was 6 to 4 for Kate Middleton in December. During her first three pregnancies, Kate Middleton suffered from serious morning sickness. She even missed Prince George's first day at school because of it. At that time she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte. She always wanted to have at least three children, according to a very important royal source. William, on the other hand, was much more reluctant at first, probably not only because he only has one brother, but also because George was a very difficult baby. Then they had Charlotte and she was much simpler. Now, the idea of a newborn baby doesn't seem like such a big challenge.

Each subsequent royal baby is a new blessing for the Kate and William family

Kate Middleton always wanted to have at least three children

One of the happy pictures of Kate and William with the children

We are all wondering if Kate Middleton will have a fourth baby in 2022.

Kate and William - an example of a happy family

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