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Demi Lovato spent her Christmas winter vacation together with her new boyfriend Henry Levy. She was beaming these last few days not only because of her luxurious white fur coat but also because of the happy smile on her face. She probably owes this to the new, but very well developing relationship with Levy.

Lovato and Levy - elegantly dressed on New Year's Eve

Demi Lovato's New Year's Eve with Henry Levy

Both seem to have spent a wonderful New Year's Eve together. Demi Lovato combined the luxury fur coat in bright white with a modern orange-colored designer piece - the handbag from the Hermes Birkin brand. The paparazzi were able to record this when they photographed Lovato leaving the restaurant.

Levy was just as stylish with his all-black outfit and leather jacket. They enjoyed New Year's Eve dinner at Matsuhisa, a place popular among celebrities. According to witnesses' descriptions, they looked genuinely in love and were holding hands the entire time. They hugged tightly and went home in the snow.

The paths of the two celebrities merged a few weeks ago

A celebrity couple absolutely in tune with each other

The rest of the time during the vacation is said to have been magical and wonderful. They are said to have spent their time with snowball fights and romantic music, as well as sitting comfortably in front of the fireplace. They are said to have agreed that you shouldn't lose your good form while on vacation. They kept their hearts warm with good feelings. But they also seem to love the contrasts and that's why they drank coffee outside in the cold and did their daily training together outdoors.

Demi Lovato seems quite happy with her new relationship

Good prospects for the future

Even the most critical observers admit that this celebrity couple has very bright prospects for the future. Especially Demi Lovato seems very happy with her new partner to feel happy and relaxed. It is said that she finds it difficult to take the smile off her face. They just looked so cute together, independent observers share. Lovato and Levy took their relationship to the next level in December of last year. Both had recently struggled with drug addiction and are just recovering from it. But now they seem free and happy together. This is definitely a good start to the New Year!

Recent pictures of Demi Lovato and Henri Levy

Both celebrities were seen together several times before New Year's Eve

The celebrities have already been secretly photographed several times

Both celebrities always show good style and a fine sense of fashion

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