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One of the biggest attacks on celebrities' personal information occurred in December last year. This message came from the RBB network and was also confirmed by the police. Til Schweiger was one of the names named as victims, but by no means the only one affected by this data theft.

Til Schweiger - one of the victims of the hacker attacks

Hundreds affected by data theft

Til Schweiger was one of the people affected by this data theft. Chancellor Angela Merkel and other well-known faces from films and from the popular music scene were also at risk of losing their personal data. Jan Bohmermann and Sido were also affected.

The hacking attack has been declared one of the largest in the country's history. Experts researched the case and found that the attack lasted a particularly long time. The whole thing dragged on for weeks and maybe even months.

Merkel's data has been attacked several times

Data theft on December 20th

This is a series of attacks that have affected other celebrities in addition to Til Schweiger. A particularly strong hacker attack took place on December 20th. Many different politicians were affected. Hundreds of MPs in Parliament have lost their personal information. At this point, attempts were again made to steal the data from Angela Merkel and also from Frank-W alter Steinmeier. In this case, the police avoided it, so the criminals couldn't steal personal information of the celebrities.

The Federal Ministry is taking measures against data theft

The author of the act is still unknown

It still remains unclear who is behind this hacker attack. Minister Katarina Barley also commented on this. She declared these attacks to be very serious. She believes these attacks underpin our confidence in democracy and institutions.
Various speculations have been born and they have been with the Hacker group from Russia APT28 connected. According to sources in the Bild newspaper, the German institutions have contacted the American agency NSA and asked for help in exposing this story.

The Federal Office for Information Security also took a position on this. They continue to investigate the case in close cooperation with the federal institutions. So far, according to her statement, no confidential information is said to be affected.

Who is behind the last data theft?

Data theft is becoming an increasing problem

The data stored in the phone are particularly at risk

Do you also feel threatened by data attacks

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