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Wall color gray for a modern color scheme in the dining room

The charm of the gray nuances just seems timeless. Gray wall color is hot and neutral for many interior designers and homeowners, completely replacing what the white and beige stood for in the 90's and early 21st century. What used to be considered bland and boring is now a stylish statement and if you haven't discovered the elegance and topicality of the gray color by now, this year is your chance to experience it.

One of the most modern colors for this year is gray in all its nuances. Today we focus on the color scheme of the dining room. Check out all these gray interior design ideas and get inspired.

At first, dining room and gray doesn't sound particularly appropriate, does it? But as you will see below, there are many ways to make the dining area cozy and chic in gray.

Stylish shades of grey

Due to its rich color palette, gray is a very universal wall color that can be used both as a neutral, soothing backdrop and as meaningful accents for certain architectural details. You have to be very careful in choosing your shade of gray. It mainly depends on the size of the room, the intensity of the natural light and even the climate. For example, if you live in a region where it often rains and is cloudy, then you should opt for the lighter shades. Light gray makes for more joie de vivre and a cheerful mood.

Determine your very special gray nuance

Wall color gray: texture and pattern

Gray is not particularly suitable when it comes to accents, as is the case with red, yellow or green. It's better to stick to other options here. Experiment with different textures and patterns. For example, patterned non-woven wallpapers in gray not only look very elegant, they also bring more movement and beautify your dining room in a playful way. Another popular choice would be gray stripes, which can also look very sophisticated.

Add some white

If you're afraid your walls will look too boring in gray, add some white. This allows you to achieve greater gray definition. With the use of white borders you can give the ambience a certain sophistication.

Harmonious contrast in the dining room

Lighting on gray walls

We've said quite a bit about the importance of natural light. The artificial lighting is just as important for the dining room in gray. Precisely because this color is a perfect background for your interior design, you should choose the lighting very carefully. We recommend magnificent hanging lamps or chandeliers, which together with recessed lights will illuminate all corners of the room, are particularly suitable. To make the whole thing even more opulent, you can consider velvety surfaces, such as cuddly soft carpets or valuable upholstery.

The right lighting makes the dining room even more attractive

A game of nuances and textures

Smooth gray and retro style furniture

Successful composition of robustness and fragility

Light gray and round shapes

More homeliness thanks to white edges

Stylish, modern interpretation of the country house style

Wall wallpaper with floral patterns and strong cob alt blue accents

Gray stripes for more dynamics in the room

Harmony and balance in light gray

Classic elegance and soft textures

Refined symmetry and serenity in one

Velvet surfaces and spherical chandelier

A light gray and an optimal natural light intensity

The delicate hanging lights contrast with the strong gray of the walls

Balanced lighting and luxurious crystal chandelier

Puristic and warm at the same time

Pleasant continuity and lack of thresholds

Eclectic room furnishings of the upper class

Appropriate color intensity and modern design

Light gray backdrop and passionate red accents

Subtle gray nuances and crystal

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