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Leo Messi is one of the greatest football legends of our time and it is certain that he will become an important part of football history. But he not only fascinates his fans with his talented appearance on the football field, but also with some trendy hobbies. This includes, among other things, the passion for tattoos on his body, which all have their own meaning. They were all carefully considered, he chose the themes and motifs himself and even their positioning is by no means random. For the tattoo fans - a true role model and great inspiration.

Leo Messi's right hand probably has the most tattoos

What did Leo Messi's tattoo artist reveal

Roberto López is the name of Leo Messi's tattoo artist. He personally shared some secrets about the famous footballer's tattoos. The very first picture on Messi's body was of his mother and her face can be seen on his back. On his elbow he has the Sagrada Familia monument, which represents the symbol of the city where he grew up - Barcelona.

On the inside there is a rosary within the representation of a chain, which shows the shape of the city. The background to this illustration are the geographic maps of America and Europe. Leo Messi expressed his love for Barcelona several times. "Barcelona is my favorite place in the whole world," he said among other things. "It's my life. I could live and play wherever I want, but I'm staying here."

The hand tattoos can also be seen in most of the pictures

Multicultural Ideas

Leo Messi's tattoos also show his fascination with different cultures. One of the illustrations shows a clock, symbolizing the god Kronos, and also a lotus flower, which is a reference to Japanese culture. Meaning: You could thrive wherever you are. Furthermore, Messi has tattooed a flower bud, but this is not a cultural symbol, it refers to his son Thiago. He has a tattoo of Jesus on his right arm Christ.

Through the tattoos, Messi professes religion

Tattoos on legs

Also Leo Messi has tattoo on his legs. On the left leg you can see the hands of his little son and his name - Thiago. The tattoo was subsequently tweaked, with Messi opting for a heart around his son's name. On the other side he has a ball (symbolizing football of course), his favorite number 10 and a sword.

Leonel Messi now has his second son Mateo and baby Ciro. Maybe he'll get their names tattooed too? Everyone is excited to see if he continues to decorate his body with new symbols and images.

Messi's mother - his first tattoo ever

The name of Messi's first son on his leg

Number 10 and other tattoos - on Leo Messi's leg

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