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He althy eating - this is the New Year's resolution for many people. But that's where you usually fail again and again and you try again and again. Yet unrealistic projects are one of the worst ways to start the new year. Not that he althy eating is such an impossible resolution! It just needs to be properly planned and started. We've put together a list of tips and ideas for you that will indeed make it possible.

He althy nutrition begins with preparation

He althy eating from January - 7 tips that actually worked

The diet from January can and must be delicious!

During Christmas and New Year's Eve we get used to tasty and hearty food. That's a good thing, because after all, we allow ourselves a lot of enjoyment and joy. It's just kind of unrealistic to think you could go straight to a lean diet.

First of all, this is really not a good concept of he althy eating. In order for the he althy lifestyle to remain feasible in the long term, the he althy diet must be enjoyable. The following article gives you some advice on how to plan your menu and shopping so that you can eat tasty and he althy at the same time. We'll also give you some tips there on how to slowly and effortlessly switch from a festive to a very he althy diet.

Fish has a lot of calories and is very he althy!

You don't need quick results, you need lasting results!

You should really be critical of the different diets that are offered on the internet. Meal plans are made for different people and circumstances, and what works well for one may not be best for another. He althy nutrition is as individual as our character and attitude towards life! You can recognize a well-chosen nutrition plan by the following criteria in particular: This corresponds to our taste and preferences to the extent that one sees it as possible to stick to it in the long run. For example, there are people who, by consuming delicious salads, have less of a need for sweets or have bread. So they take in unhe althy carbohydrates much less. There are many delicious and he althy recipe ideas you can use to find out which foods and food combinations work best for you in this regard.

He althy eating in the restaurant

Plan meals away from home

Not only the menu plan at home should be well thought out and planned. He althy eating only works if you eat delicious and he althy meals in restaurants and outside of the home. Choose your restaurant meals according to your taste and he althy diet. You are safest in places where there is a he althy combination of he althy foods (potatoes, rice, etc.) and salads for the vegetarians and meat and fish for the others. The portions should be neither too small nor too big. In the first case you will stay hungry and eat lots of sweets and in the second case you will overeat!

Avocado for a he althy diet - always a good tip

Prepare the food in advance

Our everyday life is stressful and that applies with full force to January. There are usually a lot of postponed tasks to be completed for this month. That's why you can't always plan the food and its preparation well. For this reason, you should definitely try to cook your meals from the previous evening. This makes he althy eating easier during the day.

Try different salads!

Food in stock

Sometimes there are a number of days when you just don't get around to preparing your own food. In that case, we could save ourselves with the supplies of food. As soon as you have a bit more time, you would have to prepare such. Different types of freshly cooked food can often be frozen very well and then thawed at a convenient time and eaten fresh.

He althy fats - you don't gain weight from these!

Good food quality

Pay attention to the good quality of the food! Sometimes high-quality food is more expensive than others, but they are characterized by good quality. When you compare them, you will notice that you simply get full faster with organically produced types of vegetables or meat products. This is explained by the intense taste and rich content of he althy nutrients! You will naturally eat smaller portions and much tastier at the same time. If you're overly used to unhe althy products, you may need a period of adjustment, and this will have its natural relapses. However, if you eat he althy meals alongside the unhe althy ones, you would naturally prefer the second ones in the long run!

He althy choices when shopping make he althy eating possible

The right attitude towards amounts and calories

The calories and amounts of food are of course also important. But as we have just indicated, everything is related to the quality of the food. A he althy type of fish has just as many calories as chocolate, but of course our bodies react completely differently to these two products. In one case, the calories come from the he althy fats in the licking product. In the other we have fast carbohydrates. You can enjoy calories of the first kind in much greater quantities and with a clearer conscience than when it comes to chocolate. Especially if it's full of sugar!
The number of calories and the quantities must neither be too big nor too small! You should have enough strength for everyday life and, if necessary, for training. Otherwise, the latter are not effective and damage our body. Of course, he althy nutrition shouldn’t be too heavy on the stomach either. Because that makes us sluggish and spoils our sense of well-being in everyday life.

One should always have time for a he althy meal!

Myths about he althy eating

In the new year, resolve to separate the myths from the truth about he althy eating. Here are some misperceptions about he althy eating that are particularly common!

With the right crockery for he althy eating!

He althy nutrition and sport

Nutritional additives cannot replace a he althy diet. Everyone who works out diligently must understand that. A he althy diet and attitude to life should come before any other measure for good shape.

This is how you can really enjoy meat!

He althy eating is torture

Of course, he althy eating is associated with good discipline. But this should be within the realms of possibility and not too much cause lasting suffering. Any eating plan that sounds like too much effort may not be the right one for you. Search until you find a comfortable and suitable diet for you.

Seafood is just as delicious and he althy!

Diets are not tasty

Forget this harmful myth too. As we imply in the first chapter of this article and in other articles on our website, the he althy food is quite delicious. You just have to plan everything properly. Or do you hate grilled fish or a well-prepared salad with delicious potatoes or rice? These combinations are very popular in he althy eating plans!

Fried potatoes and salad in combination?

It takes a lot of time and money to prepare food

As we just hinted at, it's all a matter of planning. You can also eat he althy with basic products! Food of better quality fills you up better, so you usually eat and buy smaller quantities. As for the time - yes, maybe it takes a little more to figure out different he althy recipes at the beginning! However, once you have them ready and you develop certain habits, such as making sure you have supplies in between, you get the whole thing in order.

He althy nutrition makes children laugh!

Stay realistic and protect yourself!

With any New Year's resolution or good intention, realistic expectations are very important. Please don't be too strict with yourself. Every change is stressful for our body and soul and that is completely natural. Once you have prescriptions, you're on your way to better nutrition. Don't let small relapses or weak moments discourage you and just keep going! If you do this and believe in yourself, you will always achieve great interim successes and eventually he althy eating will become a reality for you!

You stay alert in old age thanks to a he althy diet!

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