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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been in a relationship for a little over 6 years and their first child is only a little younger. Three are already the children of the family and the proud parents are expecting their fourth child. Kardashian shared this surprising news on her own beauty whhow - KKB Beauty. Kim Kardashian hosted the first two himself. The couple entrusted their third baby to a surrogate mother for he alth reasons. It's the same with the fourth child of the celebrity couple, who, by the way, surprisingly for many, is already on the way. The same surrogate will carry this to term just 11 months after the birth of baby Chicago.

Kimye - that's what the couple is called by the fans

A couple that has become a household name

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are surely one of the most popular couples in Hollywood. They even describe their relationship with a funny term that was invented by their fans and it's "Kimye". It's hard to believe they've only been together for 6 years because it feels like a lifetime.

It all started with a friendship in 2003, when Kim Kardashian was dating rapper Ray-J. In 2009, Kanye dedicated the first verses to Kim. It took them until 2012 to actually get together and in between Kim Kardashian even married someone else - Kris Humphries. This happened on a super popular American TV show. After 72 days, Kim and Humphries ended their marriage and in 2012, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got together. Everything got very serious right away, because both of them went on vacation together several times.

Kris Humphries is Kim Kardashian's first husband

What you already know about the new baby

A love story preceded by a long friendship - this is certainly a very good basis for family offspring. Soon there will be six of them - that's for sure. On the one hand, the child came surprisingly quickly, but at the same time somehow not quite. After all, both have said several times that they absolutely want a very large family. However, the two also announced that this child should represent the last addition to their family.

Kim Kardashian is known for her unique beauty

Kanye West was in love with Kim long before the relationship

Kim Kardashian's not-yet-daughter

The celebrity couple likes to present well-known fashion trends

The celebrity couple is always very stylish

… and still happily together after many years

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