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Homing or cocooning are currently very common terms. However, they stand for something that has been maturing in us for a long time. The world is changing fast, offers many open spaces for self-realization and that can sometimes seem dangerous. No matter how adventurous you are, sometimes you need the opposite - complete disconnection from the outside world. One longs for such a home, which was common generations ago when public life was still not too raging. You met friends and acquaintances within your own four walls. There you had to provide varied entertainment. Homing or cocooning are a modern interpretation of this atmosphere.

Spend your time in the room at home that you feel most comfortable in

Food is like love…

If you've read through some of the previous articles on our website, you've probably noticed the importance of the kitchen in these publications. We have often referred to them as the heart of an apartment or house. Usually the nightmare is integrated into it. That's because food preparation and entertainment just go together.

From a purely psychological point of view, our attitude towards food also reflects our attitude towards ourselves and others. One proves, so to speak, one's own ability to love people through a delicious and well-tolerated meal. With homing and cocooning, a strong emphasis is placed on the kitchen furnishings and the dining room. Regardless of the style in which these rooms are furnished, one should realize that they are particularly important.

Little things make cocooning comfort

A cozy feeling with fewer taboos

Here we come to the trickiest point of homing. Feel free to go beyond the usual framework. The bedroom, the children's room, the floor in a large living room - all these are places to welcome guests. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed. At the same time, there is also the risk that it will be a little uncomfortable. It is indeed in the sense of Homing, leaving the known norms aside, but this must not be done haphazardly. It all only makes sense if it improves the atmosphere. Both guests and hosts should feel free to say if something is too much for them… Remember this rule and stick to it.

The kitchen design should motivate communication

Listen to your body and pamper it

Comfortable textiles that pamper us when we touch them are welcome in cocooning. It is just a small example of the many details that you should pay attention to. Just listen to your own body and try to pay attention to the needs of others in the household as well. Different people experience comfort in different ways. For some, the most important thing is sitting relaxed and others love the good aromas. Air freshener lamps with aromas would be wonderfully inscribed in a homing concept.

Guests are also allowed to sit on the floor if everyone feels good about it

Carry the cocooning feeling with you!

Make yourself more snuggly

Spend half a day in your pajamas could also be part of cocooning. Sitting on the balcony with the blanket as well. Here one breaks the usual rules to experience the feeling of secrecy and freedom from pressure more deeply. However, we would like to advise you to set certain psychological limits. You should put on your normal clothes by noon at the latest and you should probably not do this every day. Too little effort in everyday life could make you sluggish and that in turn spoils your mood. That's the opposite of what you want to achieve with the homing trend.

Homing style can be achieved through creativity

Create a homely outdoor area

The fusion of indoor and outdoor space has also been a big topic in our articles over the last few years. This includes a lot, but also the cozy design of the outdoor area. The living room can certainly be placed in the garden or on the terrace. The furniture industry offers more and more practical solutions that make this possible!

For some people, homing means providing more structure at home

The lighting

You can't achieve a pleasant homing feeling without the right lighting. This should suit your whims. This works best by supplementing the ambient lighting with several other lamps for the different areas in the room. The intensity of the main light source should ideally also be adjustable. You should preferably avoid mixing daylight and artificial light.

An adventure element in the interior design can be crucial for the good atmosphere

Homing and minimalism

We fear that we may have left many with the feeling that cocooning requires a large investment. This is not necessarily the case and it could even become counterproductive. Rather, you should really listen to your intuition and body and find out what makes you feel that way. Most of the time you have enough objects at home and you just have to distribute them correctly and use them creatively in the design. If you want to sit comfortably, you don't need a new sofa right away. Maybe just a seat cushion made of memory foam or a blanket made of particularly soft and easy-care fabric. You don't need a modern open kitchen to make people feel welcome in your home. Why not use the dining room as a work surface as well, so you can communicate with guests while the food is being prepared. Perhaps a foldable table and a couple of chairs could be inside with you in winter and outside on the balcony in summer. So you have more seats inside during the cold season and a cozy atmosphere outside on the hot days…

Certainly, this article could now be supplemented with many more such examples. The pictures would also be an inspiration for this.

Hygge and the Scandinavian furnishing style have a lot to do with cocooning

Warm clothing and scented candles can also contribute to the feeling of homing

You can make the outside area particularly cozy in summer, don't you think?

Lighting and good room layout are crucial for comfort

For home comfort, you can grow many plants at home

Cosy textiles and decoration make a big difference

Do it Your home to your little paradise

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