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Black and gold form a chic and sophisticated color duo that will leave no one indifferent. The charm of any combination between black and gold is based on the color contrast and its strong visual impact. You can use these two colors anywhere you want to add a bit of luxury. This also works in the bathroom. Believe it or not, luxurious black and gold bathrooms look extra stylish. There is also an extravagant note that gives the bathroom even more comfort. In today's post, we just want to show you how to create such an unusual color combination in the bathroom. We have also prepared about 20 stunning examples of sublime black and gold bathrooms that will definitely take your breath away! Stay tuned and let yourself be inspired for such stylish bathroom design!

Pure luxury in the bathroom in black and gold!

  • A black and gold bathroom has a strong visual impact

Obviously, a black and gold bathroom isn't for everyone. Or it doesn't suit everyone's taste and style. But if you like bold bathroom design and want an unusual and impressive bathroom design, then the black and gold color duo is right for you.

On the one hand, black is used as a non-color that represents style and prestige. Furthermore, it can also represent mysticism and glamour. In short, black is seen as making a powerful statement throughout interior design and fashion. This is undoubtedly also the case in the bathroom. But so that the room doesn't look too dark or too mystical, you need a second color that creates the visual balance. Although black can also be combined very well with other shades, it looks stunning with gold. In a predominantly black bathroom you can introduce golden accents and break up the pitch-dark ambience.

The WOW effect is guaranteed in this case!

An entire wall of mirrors greatly enhances the visual effect in the bathroom in black and gold.

According to color psychology, gold represents dignity and grandeur. This color has always been associated with we alth and prosperity. In combination with black, gold comes to the fore particularly strongly. This creates an impressive color contrast that brings out the positive properties of the two colors. In addition, it ensures an extravagant, bold and mysterious bathroom design where the visual balance is skillfully achieved.

A bathroom in black and gold looks classy, impressive and at the same time very individual.

Matte black walls combine well with white room elements, but they look perfect with gold!

  • What it takes to decorate a black and gold bathroom

Now that you are already familiar with the strong visual impact of the color duo black and gold, we would also like to introduce you to suitable materials for a successful and stylish bathroom design. For example, to make your black and gold bathroom look expensive, you can opt for effective black marble tiles. These can currently be found in speci alty stores and vary in shape and size. However, they all look very elegant and will definitely take your bathroom design to a higher level.

Black marble tiles are stunning!

Finely striped black wallpaper as a background for interesting murals and photographs.

For the walls that are far from water splashes, you can also use black wallpaper. It would be best if you can find ones with subtle gold colored prints and patterns. In addition, bathroom furniture made of black wood or black stone is highly recommended. You have to pay attention to their water resistance again. Here we mean vanities, toilet bowls and bathtubs in black.

A look in toilet and bathroom in black and gold!

Pure luxury in the bathroom!

What do you think of this minimalist style bathroom design?

You can then add individual to the dominant color black Add bathroom accessories in gold. It shouldn't necessarily be such small details with a gold-plated surface. Brass, for example, can also be used in a black bathroom because this metal shines like gold. Or do you want mirrors with shiny gold frames or beautiful wall and ceiling lights that give off a warm golden shimmer? The bathroom fittings in gold look particularly stylish and radiate a classic charm. That's why they probably never go out of style! Also choose chic towel holders in black or gold to complete the sublime look of your bathroom.

Glitz and glamor in the bathroom!

Simple yet luxurious black and gold bathroom design!

  • Proper ambient lighting in a black and gold bathroom is of great importance

Last but not least, we also want to share some tips for the right room lighting in the bathroom in black and gold. Because light plays an important role, especially in a predominantly dark ambience. Chic wall lamps that hang on either side of the mirror are recommended. But luxurious chandeliers also add even more glamor to the bathroom. The following pictures only confirm our opinion.

There are numerous options when it comes to bathroom lighting!

You can combine different light sources in a stylish black and gold bathroom!

But you can step back from the classic design of the bathroom lighting and opt for modern light in the bathroom. For example, ceiling spotlights and built-in mirror lights are hard to beat in this regard. This lighting idea is particularly appropriate in a black and gold bathroom designed in a minimalist or very modern style.

Built-in light is the latest craze in modern bathroom design!

Of course, it would be best if some natural light streamed into your black and gold bathroom.

Extra tips: Under no circumstances should you think that with the color duo black and gold no other colors are allowed in the bathroom. But on the contrary! A bit of white or gray also writes smoothly into that luxurious bathroom design. In addition, wood is a multi-talent that fits well everywhere and can be combined. This is just to show that you shouldn't be too strict when it comes to black and gold bathroom design. You can also choose items in other colors that go well with your bathroom design and style. Let yourself be encouraged by the further pictures!

All that glitters is not gold!

Timeless elegance in the bathroom!

To break up the black and gold color scheme, you can add some white, creamy or gray.

Bath plants not only refresh the entire look, but also the air in the room.

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