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Fortunately, summer is noticeably close again. You spend more and more time outside in the fresh air and enjoy the lightness and serenity of the warmest season. Your own garden becomes the center of attention again and one of your favorite places, both at the weekend and on mild evenings and in inspiring mornings. That's why we're happy to give you a few important tips and ideas for garden accessories today, so that you can make your garden even more comfortable and well-groomed.

Keeping your lawn in perfect shape at all times

Appropriate lawn care begins as early as spring. First fertilizing and scarifying prepare the lawn for the coming summer by providing the grass with plenty of nutrients and free air. During the summer months, especially when the temperatures are higher, your lawn needs special attention. For example, you should B. be careful with fertilizing and only do this rarely, on cloudy days. Otherwise unsightly, dark spots could form because fertilized grass can burn quickly in the sun. In principle, special long-term fertilizers are best suited for lawn fertilization.

Proper watering is also very important. You should water your lawn about 2-3 times a week, only in the morning or in the evening. If you go on vacation for more than two weeks in the summer, it would make sense to organize a holiday replacement or to install an automatic irrigation system.

You should be just as careful when mowing in summer and keep the lawn no shorter than 4 cm. Do not mow too often and regularly check that the lawnmower blade is perfectly sharpened. Of course, the quality of the device also plays a very important role. How about, for example, a high-quality petrol lawnmower that you can find very cheaply at Norma? Of course you can also shop online. And with the great Norma app, you are always well informed about the latest offers and the latest items from the popular discounter, right on your cell phone.

The right accessories for your garden pond

It doesn't matter, whether big or small, a garden pond is a real ornament for every garden. Even fish can swim in it and water lilies float above it. Just lovely! Similar to the lawn, you should also provide the appropriate care. With a good complete pond pressure filter set, for example, you can always keep the water in the pond perfectly clean, free from impurities, harmful bacteria and green algae. And all this without chemicals, for the sake of your he alth and nature. You can also get a solar fountain pump and use it to add some fun to your pond. With some models, the delivery head and pump strength can even be regulated by remote control. In addition, with such a pump, the water in the pond is regularly enriched with oxygen and kept fresh.

Setting up a feel-good corner

Depending on the garden style and personal preferences, you can find the right garden accessories and comfortable pieces of outdoor furniture and use them to create great reading or relaxation corners. An aluminum cantilever parasol with a crank mechanism for opening and closing can be of great help. You can choose this in any color and add it as a fresh accent to the garden design. A rocking lounger or an ergonomic garden chair is super comfortable, both for reading and for snoozing. A linen or cotton hammock would not go amiss either. You can also place a solar shower in a sunny spot nearby. Opt for one with a rain shower head and large water reservoir. So you can shower comfortably and relaxed in the garden without electricity.

Planting bee-friendly perennials and flowers

Beautifully flowering and wonderfully fragrant plants flatter the senses and are not only good for you, but also for the busy bees. They are attracted to them and will find plenty of food in your garden. Of course, other pollinating insects like butterflies and bumblebees scavenge for nutritious flower nectar. The great thing about it: it is definitely a win-win situation. After all, you will ultimately look forward to more life and, above all, to a much richer harvest in summer and autumn.

The matching garden decoration completes the whole thing

Wind chimes and spinners, stylish flower pots and planters as well as atmospheric lights and fairy lights give your garden oasis the finishing touch. This not only makes the garden look much more homely, it also ensures a cheerful or romantic mood, depending on what is desired at the moment. When choosing your garden decoration, pay attention to weather-resistant materials and sufficient certification, especially for outdoor lighting. You should hang up hanging elements such as wind chimes or lanterns in places that are sheltered from the wind and temporarily remove them to be on the safe side in stronger winds.

Design and care for your garden with a lot of patience and love and it will thank you with numerous relaxed moments full of joie de vivre, sun and fresh air! Research for more practical tips and get the necessary garden accessories. Have fun in the garden and have a nice summer!

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