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The Calla is a delicate and elegant flower that is very popular both as a garden plant and as a houseplant. A bouquet of calla flowers can indeed conquer the heart of every woman. This is exactly why the calla flower is often used as a wedding decoration. Furthermore, the room calla lily can give every interior design that certain something.

The calla flower is a beautiful garden and houseplant

The calla lily flowers mainly in white, but can also have flowers in a variety of shades

If you would like to enjoy the sophisticated elegance and beauty of the calla flower in your home, then find out more about the indoor calla and how you can properly care for this flower.

Callas as magnificent garden plants

As a noble table decoration

Elegant bridal bouquet

The calla flower originally comes from South Africa and was cultivated in Europe in the 18th century as a popular garden and pot plant. The name Calla actually means "beautiful" and goes back to the Greek goddess Calliope. The calla plant received its scientific name Zantedeschia from its discoverer, the Italian botanist Giovanni Zantedeschi.

Calla flowers in vase

Yellow calla flowers

Growing from a single rhizome or bulb, calla lily requires moist growing conditions to remain he althy. Calla flower blooms outdoors in June and July, and indoor calla can bloom from spring to fall if kept indoors in the right conditions.

Caring for a calla plant in a pot


Make sure your plant gets at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight a day. Avoid direct sun to avoid burning the leaves and flowers.

The calla flower likes indirect sunlight


The Calla plant likes moist soil at all times, but it is very important that the soil is never too wet. The calla is not drought resistant and therefore you should never let the soil dry out completely.

The floor should be moist, but never wet


During the flowering period of your plant, use low-nitrogen flower food to fertilize every two weeks. If the plant only produces leaves, fertilization is only necessary once a month.

Fertilize twice a month during the flowering period


The room temperature should be between 10-24°C for optimal growth. Keep your plant away from the air conditioner or heater.

The room temperature should be above 10°C

Blooming time

The plant usually blooms for about six weeks in late spring and early summer, but can bloom at any time if thriving as a houseplant. The long-lasting cut flowers are perfect for bouquets and floral arrangements.

The indoor calla can bloom beautifully for several months


Use a good potting soil containing peat moss that is well aerated and allows water to pass through quickly. You can add farmer's sand or perlite if the soil seems too heavy and clayey.


In winter, the calla bulbs are usually freed from the ground and stored in a cool and dry place. The room calla can also overwinter in the pot. In this case, the plant should be repotted in spring to free the tuber from the dead roots.

Enjoy your blooming calla in spring!


Calla flower only needs pruning when it enters its dormant phase.

Calla is a poisonous plant

The calla flower is one of the poisonous indoor plants. Please keep your indoor calla lily away from small children and pets. Calla lily contains high levels of calcium oxalate and if ingested can cause severe burning and swelling of the mouth, throat, lips, and tongue. Stomach complaints and diarrhea can also occur.

The calla plant can be poisonous to pets and children

The calla flower is the perfect gift for every season and every occasion. Treat yourself to the pleasure of having an indoor calla lily or gift your friend or colleague this fabulous flowering houseplant!

Calla means "beautiful" in Greek

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