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Beautiful sandals are a great joy in themselves and a reason to eagerly await summer. Many of the models remain classic over several seasons. That's why they don't have to be replaced that often. In addition, it is really difficult, especially with sandals, to find a suitable model that is also totally comfortable for the wearer. As soon as you have discovered such a pair, you do not want to be without it. However, if it's time for you to get some new sandals this year, allow us to offer you some tips and inspiration.

Woven sandals are a hit in summer 2022

Beautiful sandals with a minimalist design

If you have beautiful feet, you shouldn't be afraid to emphasize their seductive power. This is usually done through minimalist designs, which are extremely subtle and meaningful. A big advantage is that they can be worn with a wide variety of outfits.

This year it would be particularly popular if you emphasize the beauty of your feet with a small but surprising detail on the shoes. In addition, you could opt for models with a certain asymmetry.

Combine simple design with glamorous, modern fabrics

Sandals with platforms

Let's stay a little further with the design with a restrained character, which, however, shows the beauty of the feet in a seductive way. The sole can be considered as that certain special element and of course this brings a double benefit. The wearers look taller and at the same time they have an extremely attractive shoe model that completes their look.

Such sporty elegant models go well with different outfits

Knitted sandals for spring and autumn

We have some very hot news for the transitional season we are currently in. Knitted beautiful sandals could be a good alternative to summer shoes. They would be ideal for office work and leave, among other things combine wonderfully with business outfits. In this case, stick to the subtle design and neutral colors.

Elegant flip-flops with soles are particularly popular

Extravagant and at the same time very chic flip-flops

If you have nice sandals and don't need them anymore, maybe you could afford elegant flip flops this year. Several designers offer particularly unusual models with high heels. The ladies can now prove their professional skills.

The Croc Effect

Of course we can't do without nice retro ideas this year. In 2022, fans of olden times can rejoice in the Croc trend. It looks classic and provocative at the same time. If you opt for a neutral outfit, you can set a particularly successful accent with such sandals or flip-flops.

Such simple models could very well emphasize the beauty of your feet

Double buckle sandals

Beautiful sandals by no means do without charming details, but the overall look remains neutral. This is achieved above all by the fact that decorative elements play an important functional and aesthetic role at the same time. Double buckles, which are so popular in 2022, fall under this category.

A number of retro models will also be there

Oversized Accents

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the oversized accents in modern summer shoes 2022. They form a contrast to the usual minimalist design and are particularly striking. You can definitely describe them as extravagant. However, the extravagance this season has more than an undertone.

Woven and colorful - this will probably be the hottest and hippest trend of 2022

Universal and yet very original trends

Despite the dominant minimalism, one could say that there is a lot of variety and surprise in the available trends. They are universal and yet have a very unmistakable, unusual design. They combine all these characteristics in a thoroughly magical way. This is precisely the genius of its designs! Find your model that meets all these conditions.

Another modern interpretation of Roman sandals

When you think about fashion, don't forget about safety either - the shoes must fit snugly on your feet

Colored models are in as soon as the rest of the design is classic and simple

The playful use of belts and buckles is a sure sign of modernity

The ethnic elements have been trendy for a few seasons

Fashion is important, but you should also feel comfortable in your shoes

Here are more trendy flip flops

Even with medical models of sandals, the trends look through

These are ideas for classic models, which are quite up-to-date this year

The last two models show how to combine classic with playfulness in summer 2022

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