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Due to its warmth and cosiness, the country house style has remained a classic in architecture and interior design to this day. Without a doubt, it is also particularly popular these days. Every ambience in this style brings the desired deceleration and relaxation for its residents. A farmhouse or a country villa could be the perfect domicile for a large family, where you can breathe fresh air, draw a lot of peace and serenity from nature. And when you combine the rural setting outside with modern design inside, the end result is truly enviable. Today we want to show you exactly such a residence that combines the best of country house style with contemporary interior design. A thoroughly cozy farmhouse from the outside surprises with its modern interior design! And leaves nothing to be desired. Stay tuned and just let yourself be surprised!

A stylish and cozy farmhouse surprises us with its modern interior.

  • A fine example of a cozy farmhouse

From the outside, the family home looks like a typical spacious and cozy farmhouse. It offers approximately 260 square feet of living space and features four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. This farmhouse is located in Colorado Springs, USA.

The place is very picturesquely situated at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains. The house stands alone on a hill. It offers an impressive panoramic view of the surrounding area and the nearby mountains.

This stylish farmhouse blends seamlessly into the picturesque surroundings.

From the outside, this American farmhouse scores with its size and build aesthetics. On the facade, for example, dark gray and creamy white parts have been stylishly combined. This has created a sublime but not necessarily striking contrast. The look is complemented by exposed brick patches that serve more as accents. This chic exterior is completed with a lush green front lawn. A well-formed walkway framed by the green lawn leads directly to the covered porch and main entrance. The wide entrance to the garage runs parallel to this. Of course, two cars could be accommodated there.

Inside, we admire an eclectic aesthetic that reinterprets typical farmhouse design.

  • Modern aesthetic with touches of country style characterizes the interior of this cozy farmhouse

In the entrance area, you will be pleasantly surprised by the modern aesthetics of the interior design. Here you have paired the typical of the country house style with contemporary interior design. The interior remains simple, but very comfortable at the same time. However, in the interior, the designers used wooden floors, wooden beams and a variety of textures and patterns. In this way they have created a very welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Farmhouse lighting and other decorative touches tie the spaces together. They emphasize the calming and casual aesthetic of the whole project. In addition, the interiors also offer beautiful views of the canyon and nearby rolling hills.

The living room is full of farmhouse features and modern aesthetics.

The familiar color scheme of white and dark gray remains unchanged in the kitchen.

Inside, too, the familiar color scheme remains unchanged. Dark gray and white dominate here. The kitchen is also designed in these colors. It offers a nice mix of retro and modern design elements. The kitchen is spacious and has a large kitchen island with a built-in farmhouse sink. At the kitchen island, family members can sit, chat and keep each other company. For example while someone is preparing the food. Next to it is an inviting seating area for drinking coffee and tea. The actual dining area is in an adjoining room. There are two large windows on the adjacent walls. All rooms on the first floor are enclosed in an open room concept. This gives you quick access from one place to another. Thanks to the open room design, everyone can spend a lot of time with their loved ones.

Would you like to get a better impression of this cozy farmhouse with modern interior design? Then come with me! We invite you to a short tour through the house!

The family can spend endless hours together here.

The dining area has a wonderful view of the surrounding area.

Small decorative elements that are typical of the country house style.

The entrance area has an extra entrance and exit for four-legged friends.

The master bedroom is fairly simply furnished but is light and airy.

White is the dominant color in the master bathroom, with touches of green.

Bathroom lighting is perfectly designed with dark gray herringbone floor tiles!

On the second floor, this space is particularly inviting and can be used as an additional dining room.

Patterned curtains frame the windows in all rooms.

The guest room is small but very practical with bunk beds.

At the back of the house is a lovely patio framed by planters.

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