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In the past, many uncompromisingly rejected the option of working from home. "I wasn't made for this?", "I find it difficult to be self-disciplined." or "I need my social contacts!" and other similar statements were the usual explanations. However, we are now in an exceptional situation in which practically almost everyone is forced to work from home. You have to be diligent enough not to lose your job. We come to our limits and are forced to overcome them. See this as an opportunity! You can master this challenge and afterwards you will be more qualified and independent. Here are our tips for it!

With the right attitude, you adapt quickly to working from home

A plan for working from home that is really fun

Many people tend to get melancholy when they have to limit their social contacts for a long time. The pressure of the work tasks to be fulfilled does not make it any better. You certainly need activities that you enjoy. You have to schedule several breaks and possibly predefine the activities in them.

We're not talking about big entertainment projects, but there are little things that really cheer you up. Here are some particularly important examples:

  • Drink coffee,
  • Drink tea,
  • Preparing small he althy meals,
  • Spend a few minutes on the terrace,
  • Calling with good friends,
  • Hearing a favorite song,
  • Do short meditations.

Take short breaks regularly

Why are we just starting with the topic of "breaks"? The qualitative breaks guarantee concentration and motivation. If you just make an effort and don't have fun, you will most likely lose or reduce your ability to work over time. The breaks are not just as important as the concentrated work. You are the requirement for this one!

Adapt your rhythm with this family one

Balance with physical exercises

Maybe you're not a sports person. A lot of people would say that. But the truth is that if we want to maintain our mental and physical he alth over the long term, we can all be more or less. Especially if you are closed at home all day, you could quickly get used to using the physical capacity of your body very little. This has many short-term and long-term negative consequences. In the long run, we feel weak and demotivated. The quality of our work goes down. Unfortunately, in the long run, this can lead to very serious illnesses. If you sit in front of the computer for a long time, and this is mostly the case when working at home, you need to do some physical exercises.

You could have several different jobs

10 minutes a few times a day would be enough. You have a wide range of options to activate different muscle groups. You can choose things that are easy for you to do. If you like yoga or dancing, there are plenty of them on the internet. When working at home, such physical exercises are a must.

Sometimes you could work on the floor or sofa after all

Bring your rhythm to that of other people in the household

Do you have a large family? Now is your chance to learn how to really live together. Everyone has their own rhythm, is active or passive at different times of the day. Children need to learn about digital media. At certain moments they should probably play. You can adjust your breaks and work hours to combine with those of other family members. It's a big challenge, but success will take family life to a whole new, arguably better, level. For example, one of the breaks could be dedicated to playing with the children. The little ones can also help you with cooking and cleaning up. This makes her engaged and tired at the same time. So you have more peace afterwards!

You also have freedom with the dress code if you work from home

Working from home could be more fun by changing positions

Working in the office has one major disadvantage, namely that you often always sit in the same position. You can relax that in the home office. True, many people tend to be most destined to sit at a desk. But in between you can also work at the counter in the kitchen, on the sofa and why not on a cushion on the floor. Try out which position you feel most comfortable in. This may be different on different days. Variety is he althiest for most people. Early in the morning, you could do some tedious little tasks from the sofa or even from the bed. Then you could take the computer to the bar counter and stand there instead of sitting. If you're in the home office, you could swap out the chair for a fitness ball in between. For some, this even turns work into fun and adventure!

Exercise to stay he althy

Take care of the household!

The biggest disadvantage of working from home has already been mentioned. Now for advantage number 1: You can take care of your own household in between. You need the predetermined breaks that were just mentioned anyway. During these you can cook something, clean the kitchen or the bathroom. You achieve two things: on the one hand you are physically busy and on the other hand your house or apartment stays neat and tidy. The atmosphere is pleasant and that's just more fun!

Take your time to adapt to the new situation

Learn more about changing your attitude

Changes are difficult for us humans, even if they are for the better. That's our character - we prefer to ride in the same train. It is normal that you find such a radical change difficult. Read information or watch videos on how to actually change your fixed attitude. The internet is full of useful information from good sources.

Many workers combine their job well with family life

If you are reluctant to deal with something like this, then there are other options. You could take some time to use your intuition to find out what will help you in this great transformation. Go through your memories and look for situations in which you had to make a radical change. Write down on a piece of paper what was particularly helpful to you in such moments. Try to adapt this experience to the current situation.

In the During breaks you can do something for the household or for your children

Yes, that all sounds a bit philosophical and abstract. However, the truth is that probably the situation in the world right now is challenging us to understand each other better and to be less superficial.

Try to follow our tips! Who knows, maybe this transformation will soon turn out to be an absolute godsend for you!

Organization in the home office is more important than when you are in the office

For many it is motivating if their workplace were close to natural light

If your home is tidy, you will also feel more motivated for work

For many, working from home is the better choice

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