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Stay in your own home even in old age? Most of us would like that very much. This is where a stairlift is used in most cases as an irreplaceable aid. But in all other cases of movement restrictions, such a system also offers the accessibility that one desires, even in multi-storey buildings. However, the purchase of a high-quality stairlift is an expensive affair for which very few are financially prepared. Is there an adequate alternative for this? The good news is: very well! Buy a used stairlift. In the following lines you will learn more about why it is worth buying a used system and what you should consider.

The used stairlift: Let go of prejudices!

Used technology often arouses a great deal of uncertainty among consumers, and quite often rightly so. When buying a used stairlift from a reputable supplier, you don't really need to worry about that. Because stair lifts are not short-lived devices, but systems that are designed for long-term use. As such, they can be fully inspected and overhauled by expert technicians. After a complete refurbishment, a used stairlift is actually in no way inferior to a new one. All its wearing parts such as main circuit boards, batteries, contact rollers and even upholstery are replaced with new ones and extensively tested. High-quality used stair lifts offer optimum functionality, perfect seating comfort and absolute safety. This includes the appropriate certification and warranty from the vendor.

Full, individual customization and a good price-performance ratio are of course also part of it. In addition, when buying a used stair lift, there is also the possibility of receiving a state subsidy, for example from the nursing or he alth insurance companies.

Main advantages over new goods

One of the most important advantages here is of course the price. This depends mainly on the brand, the selected model and materials used, the type of stairs and the structural conditions. Very specific customer needs and requirements can also make the tailor-made system even more expensive, such as the rotating function of the seat or the choice of manual or automatic operation. A stair lift for straight stairs costs almost twice as little as one for curved stairs. The more curves the staircase has, the more expensive the system will be. Good stairlifts usually start from around £4,900 and used from around £3,090. With curved stairs, this price difference is even more noticeable and you can easily save a few thousand euros.

The issue of sustainability is also playing an increasingly important role for many consumers when it comes to purchasing decisions. By replacing the wearing parts and recycling the main elements of the used stairlift, important raw materials and resources are saved. In this way, the environment is taken care of in the long term.

What should you consider when buying?

In the first place, when purchasing a used stair lift, we advise against buying it privately on eBay & Co. So you are most likely not just buying “a pig in a poke”, but you are completely on your own. In this case, you not only forego the experienced customer service of a reputable provider, you also do not receive any guarantee or support during assembly. The stair rail itself is either not included or it doesn't fit your particular stairway anyway. Because all splints are always custom-made.

When buying your used stair lift, always ensure that it has sufficient CE certification and a multi-year guarantee. Decide exclusively for premium brands, because they stand for optimal quality and longevity. Also, make sure the vendor only replaces the consumable parts with original parts.

The following criteria also speak for the seriousness of a provider:

  • free advice and individual offers
  • Measurement and appointments on site
  • Test drive and thorough check afterwards
  • experienced, helpful customer service
  • free maintenance


By buying a used stair lift from a high-quality supplier, you protect the environment and your wallet at the same time. You get a first-class product with sufficient certification and guarantee, which gives you the necessary comfort and greater freedom of movement in your own four walls saves.

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