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For whom is the concrete decoration actually suitable? What is the charm of this material, which spontaneously evokes rather cool and sober associations? The appeal of concrete lies in its neutral and modern character. It forms a harsh contrast with nature decoration and bright colors. At the same time it is a wonderful basis for monochrome and neutral decoration. Well, what is the concrete spring decoration all about? For one, you can only do these in neutral colors. This creates an extremely modern and minimalist decorative concept. The other variant would be to emphasize the colored flowers by contrasting them with the concrete. Our ideas would be particularly helpful in either case.

The concrete decoration can also be colourful

What kind of concrete can you use for DIY projects?

If you make the concrete decoration yourself, you could finish the material yourself. For that you would need cement and sand. When these are mixed together and water is added, concrete is formed. The procedure is shown in detail in the video after the text! Incidentally, this is the cheaper option for finishing concrete.

However, if you want to save time, you could use ready-made concrete. It's a bit more expensive, but it's more effortless and lets you move on to the more fun part of the crafting quicker. With finished concrete, just like with homemade concrete, you need to be careful to add the right amount of water. Do this step by step and mix until you get a dough-like substance.

It's better to be a little thick than too thin, because it's always easier to add a little more water than the opposite!

Concrete is the minimalist's favorite material

Extra tip: Designing the desktop

You need to wait about two days for the concrete to solidify. Also, while working, you might get dirty yourself and the environment around you. So choose a place in the house, yard or garden where you have enough space and where the dirt is relatively can be removed quickly and easily, or will be less visible. You also need a dry and cool surface on which you can leave your objects for 48 hours. Take your time and plan this process well.

This concrete decoration lives from the contrasts

Additional Tip: Get older clothes that you can wear to work and won't need otherwise. Also use gloves to protect your skin from dirt and injuries.

Succulents and small stones can be wonderfully combined with concrete

Choose the right molds for your concrete decoration!

Cardboard and heavy cardboard would be the best basis for the different shapes. A very popular variant is the use of sliced tetra packs. The concrete is poured in there, the decorations in the form of food and flowers are put into the concrete before it solidifies. Then leave the whole thing aside for a while until it solidifies. Of course, concrete can also be poured into bowl-shaped packaging and distributed evenly. After the whole thing has solidified, you could remove the cardboard or box. This is how you create beautiful bowls and can fill them with various decorations that bring spring mood with them. You can of course paint the concrete in typical colors and patterns.

The concrete decoration can look quite elegant

Special tip: If you want to put fresh flowers in the square vases, you should use test tubes. You should distribute these into the concrete evenly. The flowers then come in finally and can be swapped out after they rot.

The concrete decoration can also be fluted!

Tips for colored concrete decoration

So let's recap: When it comes to concrete spring decor, we have two main approaches. In one, we pour in different forms and create arrangements from natural materials or objects with spring colors and motifs. However, the concrete decoration can also be painted and spiced up with the appropriate shades and shapes. We would like to share with you some specific tips related to this second case. Acrylic paints are the most suitable for painting concrete. Alternatively you can use color pigments of course.

Egg shells can also be used in decoration after Easter

The Dyeing

When coloring, you have the option of shading them while mixing. In this case, you must mix the pigments into the concrete before it has set. On the product packaging you will find special information about the required quantities. The acrylic paints can also be applied later. So that you can see exactly how this works, we have selected a nice video on this topic from the Internet.

There are also many designer vases made of concrete

Note the base color

You would have to pay attention to the base color of the material when painting the concrete. This could be white, but also light or dark gray. You should preferably experiment with the different colors on a smaller area first. This gives you an idea of what the end result would look like. Once you know that, you could then come up with a broader concept for painting the concrete deco while having realistic expectations for it.

The concrete can also be dark gray

Many rely on concrete decorations during wedding receptions

Concrete decoration can look both traditional and modern

The concrete decoration is ideal for industrial concepts

Green and concrete are an ideal combination!

Get inspiration from larger concrete projects as well!

Wood and concrete go very well together

Concrete Easter decorations are becoming more and more popular!

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