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We definitely don't want to talk the Corona crisis nice for you. This is a major challenge, both in terms of he alth, economics and mental he alth. But especially with the third aspect, we can help you quite a bit. The public seems to agree that the coronavirus crisis has shown us what inner desires we have repressed in our stressful everyday lives. Art and culture are mediators of these values. Visiting museums has pretty much taken a back seat in recent years. In difficult times, however, we always discover the calming effect of art. Several world-renowned museums have opened their rooms to all visitors through virtual tours. Whether you are an art and culture connoisseur or not, you should take a look there. However, the way you look at it is very important. Here are our tips on how to create virtual tours.

Ufizi Gallery in Florence

The list

Obviously, we start with the list of 13 virtual tours of well-known museums. Most of these are in fascinating Italy. We are sure that shortly after the crisis they would have a lot of visitors. But here are the virtual alternatives to the real trips:

Uffizi Gallery in Florence

National Gallery of Art Washington

British Museum in London

Louvre in Paris

Prado in Madrid

The Ara Pacis Museum in Rome

The Archaeological Museum in Athens

The Metropolitan Museum in New York

The Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg

The Capitoline Museums in Rome

Vatican Museums in Rome

The archaeological museums in Aventine

The Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan

National Gallery of Art Washington

Virtual tours with your own motivation

Everyone takes real and virtual tours of the museums for their own reasons. You need your individual motivation for it so that you do indeed stay tuned in and enjoy this fabulous event. It doesn't have to be that you become an expert in art history. You could get away from it be motivated by aesthetic reasons of movement or out of curiosity. In addition, you could consider every online visit as a kind of performance. The virtual tours in the museums are very often accompanied by it. They combine ballet, music and other artistic representations.

British Museum in London

Formulate your own goals

The museums have many exciting and interesting aspects. They showcase fabulous architecture, interesting concepts for art presentation, provide insight into history and show what is considered of particular value in a specific country. It would be almost impossible to focus on all of these aspects individually. So formulate for yourself what is actually a priority for you. For example, you could take a closer look at the architectural features of each museum or note one of the most famous works of art in it. Of course you will also notice the rest, but more in the background.

Paris - Louvre

Get creative yourself!

It's pretty easy to get distracted on virtual tours like this. Some people feel so relaxed by the beautiful pictures and music that they can even fall asleep. You're missing out on a lot! So what can you do? Get creative yourself to stay tuned and delve deeper into the experience. There are different ways to do this! Some of you could write down details of the architecture and art and then research more about it. Others could paint something at the same time. Maybe you could even dance? The latter, of course, would be an ideal joint activity for the family, especially if there are children in your home. While viewing the museum, they could put themselves in the shoes of little princes and princesses and feel as if they were in a dream world.

Prado, Madrid

Make a logical game!

What do you remember from the art history class at school or possibly at university? Wasn't the most exciting thing to date different pictures? There is something special about discovering and recognizing the characteristics of each of the eras. You could try to do just that with the architecture and the various images during the virtual tour. Below is a video that teaches art history fans and students how to describe and date pictures.

Ara Pacis, Rome

Virtual tour as artistic meditation

The meditation can be very different. The important thing is that you turn inwards, explore your own feelings and intuition more closely, discover peace and happiness within yourself. It makes you more aware, as the saying goes. The current term for this is mindfulness. So, as a meditation, we can consider just about anything that brings us closer to that goal. This also includes sitting comfortably at home and looking at the beautiful pictures. You might even be able to do some yoga poses while watching the walking tour. This will strengthen your body for sure! Of course, be sure to pick those poses that allow you to look at the screen.

Background picture when eating together or another event

We have to stay at home and make something special out of our everyday life. However, we are all already fed up with the bad news with sick and dead people. However good staying informed may be, you also need to be able to switch off. Spend more time at dinner one night, whether you're alone or with family. One of the virtual tours could serve as a background show to this mundane yet special event. The same applies to other special events such as birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations.

Metropolitan, New York

Enjoy the show several times

Many people are put off by high intellectual demands before visiting museums. Virtual tours are no exception. Rather, it should actually be a pleasurable experience. Just look at them with no expectations and that is how you would intuitively approach the art. Then you will also understand on an inner level how to experience it intensively and let it calm you down.

It's easier than you think! Take a look at the same tour several times. You notice that you keep discovering new beneficial aspects.

Hermitage Museum - St.Peterburg

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