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What are your associations when you hear the term "handicrafts with children"? You're probably thinking of something very simple that doesn't look particularly sophisticated. You are actually wrong! With the following 60 examples, we want to show you how to do handicrafts with your children and create real masterpieces for your Easter decorations. It depends on the right choice of topics and materials. Here we go!

The gold colored straws make these craft ideas shine

Crafts for children with forgotten beautiful objects

You certainly have beautiful objects at home that you don't throw away but have kept somewhere. Above all, we are talking about great vases, cups, plates and other pieces of crockery. They would most likely inscribe themselves naturally into the interior design.

Let's take an empty vase or an old flowerpot as an example. Fill them with artificial or real Easter eggs and place a bunny figure next to them. See the funny picture below for a similar example.

Cuddly figures and flower pots are enough for the great Easter decorations

Decoration of tables and shelves

Decoration of tables and shelves can of course also be considered a craft idea. Even they are recommended. If you create such decorations and jewelry while doing handicrafts with children, you also teach the little ones a sense of style. With an Easter bunny figurine, Easter eggs, an Easter card or napkin, combined with some of nature's gifts, you could achieve something fabulous.

Buy Easter bunny figures and make decorations with your children

Baskets for Easter

The beautiful Easter baskets have a very special charm. When it comes to crafts with kids, they are very appropriate. The little ones can even arrange these independently. If possible, use the items that are available to you. Maybe it would give you more freedom to think about what to use for yourself.

When doing handicrafts with children, you can also do these things achieve beautiful results

Make small garlands yourself

The Easter garlands can be used in different places. You can hang on the fireplace, on the banister, on the window, among others. You can hang the pre-made Easter figures on a wire with the help of your little ones and then take them to a desired location.

Anything easy you can do with the kids

The simple variants of the garlands for Easter can also be made quite easily with the children. You could prefabricate part of it again. When it comes to working with the little ones, the funnest part is decorating. Find materials that the children can use to make things easily and without risk to their he alth. The rest pretty much works itself.

Children especially like garlands

Easter gift Bags

The gift bags are also practical and easy craft ideas for children. They could be sent to friends and relatives. Meanwhile, they serve as a beautiful and fun decoration. Surely the little ones will get along well with it… Only, with the sweets there is a danger that they will disappear without a trace. However, it also exists in adults. So what! Preparing gift bags can also be viewed as training the will.

The carrot garlands are popular at every Easter

Get the kids involved in the preparation for Easter!

We adults always have little time and like to do a lot on our own. Even if the small children want to do handicrafts or finish something with us, we often talk them out of it. However, see this time as a kind of investment! If you do crafts, cook together or do something else with the children today, they will be good substitutes for you at home in later times.

We wish you a sunny and he althy party!

Slightly more complicated craft ideas that require knitting!

How to decorate the shelves with the little ones

Decoration with balloons is ideal for crafts with children

Traditional craft ideas like these build bridges between generations

Crafts with children can be used to decorate windows

The kids could decorate that themselves!

Your little ones would love to help get the table ready for Easter

Buy beautiful ceramic figures and use them to make great decorations

Teach the children to see everything as a kind of decoration

You can buy such great figures on the Internet and then give them to the children at home

The mirror in the hallway could double the effect of your Easter decorations

You could of course also carve beautiful Easter decorations out of wood

Many children have to study at home these days! Well they can also decorate the black board

Finish the table and wall decorations with the children

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