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Can you drink distilled water or will you get sick and die from it? These questions concern many he alth-conscious people and more and more people in our society actually belong to this group. In this article we would like to show you the different points of view and hope that you will make your own decision. At least we will bring you further with helpful information and links to other sources and articles.

Vegetables contain many minerals as well as distilled water

What is distilled water anyway?

Distilled water is found in nature, namely rain. So it is the drops that are created by the natural vapor process. In theory, therefore, we could get such water by collecting rainwater in buckets and other receptacles. What stands in our way is pollution.

Nowadays, the rain collects all the harmful substances that have accumulated in the air and then in the water sources. It does go through a certain distillation process, but in the end that's not enough. The proponents of the distillation process of water try to free it from the pollutants. In addition, a distillation process occurs in plants. The water it contains is actually distilled.

You must not drink too much or too little water

What can distilled water actually be good for?

Let's start with the question of what the distilled water is supposed to be good for. Overall, this is to protect us from environmental pollution that penetrates our tissues and cells through water. In view of the great importance of water for all processes in our body, this is of course extremely important. The experts who advocate the use of distilled water claim that it can significantly strengthen your body. This could even add decades to our lives and of course increase the quality of life in general. So it pays to get better at this topic to deal with.

Distilled water has more and more supporters

So should you drink distilled water or not?

Lack of minerals as a counter-argument

The most common argument against distilled water is that the minerals are removed from it. In fact, the truth is that we don't absorb them effectively through the water anyway. Furthermore, the minerals in the water are inorganic and we humans need the organically bound ones. In addition, they are present in water in fairly small amounts. In fact, we can almost only get minerals from food. By the way, this would also allow us to consume more distilled water! That is why ripe fruit and vegetables are so he althy. They have many vitamins and minerals and at the same time contain a lot of distilled water. For this reason, freshly squeezed juices are a wonderful idea in several ways. However, green vegetables should be preferred. The fruits are delicious, but they have a lot of fructose and this causes additional water to be removed from our bodies.

The counter-argument against distilled water is that there are too few minerals inside

Is distilled water acidic?

It is quite modern to rely on alkaline nutrition in everyday life. However, the prevailing opinion is that distilled water is too acidic. This conclusion was reached by measurements. However, advocates of distilled water claim that scientists haven't considered that it simply lacks buffering. Furthermore, according to experts, one should drink water that is more or less similar to the pH value of the body. In other words, drinking water with too high an alkaline level would actually be quite harmful. Basically, you should know that the best way to correct the PH value is to eat enough vegetables.

Mineral water is not necessarily free of pollutants and hormones

Warning: Filtered water is not distilled water!

Many people confuse filtered water with distilled water. Actually, the two have nothing to do with each other. A filter removes far fewer contaminants from the water than the distillation process does. Even some experts find that the filters spread many bacteria and germs and thus even are even more dangerous.

Some say distilled water is too acidic for our bodies

In any case, drinking too much water is dangerous!

Most people don't drink enough water, but too much water could also be harmful. This applies not only to distilled water, but to any type of water. As a rule, 1.5 to 2 liters is completely sufficient for most people. If you drink large amounts of vegetable juices and eat lots of green vegetables, the amount needed could be reduced even further.

Drinking Distilled Water Improves Your Quality of Life, Experts Say

What kind of distilled water can you drink?

If you say that you should drink distilled water, you should be very careful. Distilled water is also used in industry, for cars, but also in garden design. The rules are of course very different here than when it comes to drinking the water. Distilled water can be found in hardware stores and other shops, but this is by no means intended for human consumption! This also applies to the methods of distilling water that are widespread on the Internet. Most of the time they are used for completely different purposes. In order to really distill the water to a high quality, you need professional equipment. If you decide to do this, you should read through several reports on the Internet. This is an expensive investment and of course you had to think about it very carefully.

Stay he althy and he althy and keep discovering new alternatives to improve your he alth.

You May Live Longer Thanks to Distilled Water, Say Many He alth Experts

Warning: Not every distilled water is suitable for drinking!

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