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The Corona crisis has now turned into a pandemic and has changed the everyday lives of millions of people worldwide. Also here in Germany. Kindergartens and schools remain closed, numerous employees are currently working from home, and many people are even in quarantine. Although the number of people infected with coronavirus is still low in our country, politicians and scientists are convinced that the crisis has not yet peaked. However, there is discussion about relaxing the strict measures such as curfew, but everyone has to stay at home. And preferably limit his social contacts. The prospect is not promising because most people don't want to stay at home all the time and are bored. That's why we asked psychologists what you can actually do at home during the Corona crisis to stay in a good mood and do something useful and meaningful. Here are a few tips!

What can you do at home during the Corona crisis? Cooking together, of course!

Try to see the good in it! Now everyone is staying at home, which means you have more time for your family and loved ones. Your children study online, but still have enough time to play, read books, cook and bake together, listen to music and watch interesting films and TV series. Here are specific tips on what you can do at home during the Corona crisis.

Cooking together is great fun for young and old!

  • You have to cook and bake at home during the Corona crisis

No matter if you are a good cook or not, in the current situation you have to cook and bake at home again. Or learn it now! First, buy fresh produce from the nearby supermarket and prepare tasty meals for your family members. Involve everyone in the cooking process and experiment with previously unknown recipes. You will find ideas for a he althy and balanced meal also online. The smell that comes out of the kitchen while cooking will certainly remind you of your childhood years and create priceless security in the family. Well, it's always worth cooking with your loved ones and baking something delicious with it.

Now your kids will definitely have an appetite for something delicious!

In times of the Corona crisis, all family members are happy to help out with baking.

Extra tip: But if you want to fast, you have the perfect opportunity to do so. Physicians and doctors are also of the opinion that fasting with a temporary abstinence from solid food has a positive effect on he alth. In addition, fasting can strengthen your immune system, which is particularly important in the Corona crisis!

During the Corona crisis you finally have time at home and can clean the whole apartment!

  • Spring cleaning is definitely on your to-do list

In quarantine you don't have to sit around and do nothing all day. If you can't think of anything better, then it's time for your annual spring cleaning. But that always means a lot of work, so you need good helpers. Start with small tasks and work your way up to larger ones. For example, you can start with the wardrobe and rearrange the clothes, clear out etc. Then come the curtains and curtains that need to be washed. The children can also help clean the floors and carpets or do the dusting themselves. Or get your desk back in order! Set a good example for your little ones and teach them how to clean the whole apartment. There is something useful for everyone to do at home during the Corona crisis.

Spring cleaning is much more fun together!

You also have to put the home library in order and then you can treat yourself to a leisurely reading session.

  • Reading and learning at home are the most popular activities for many families during the Corona crisis

During the Corona crisis, distance learning is not only popular for pupils and students. Adults can also learn something new at home, for example learning a new language on their own or choose a new hobby and research a lot about it on the internet. Since the cultural life in every city is currently shut down, you have the opportunity to read a lot at home. You're bound to find a few unread books in your home library, right? Or do you want to read your little ones a bedtime story? Reading has many benefits. It increases the creativity of young and old, reduces stress and banishes boredom!

Reading books with the kids is fun for everyone!

… and reduces everyday stress!

  • Other ideas what to do at home during the Corona crisis

Together with the whole family, each of us can do a lot at home during the Corona crisis. We can only recommend a few ideas. For example, there are bound to be many exciting films and TV series that you are not familiar with. You can watch them together on the TV or laptop and experience interesting stories.

It gets exciting in front of the TV!

In addition, now is the time to take care of your indoor and balcony plants. Now you can repot them or plant new ones. On the one hand it's fun, on the other hand it's good for the nerves and relieves tension and feelings of anxiety. In this way you can successfully avoid stress in times of the Corona crisis. Your children can join in and learn something new. Because the practical and the useful always go hand in hand!

You can also make your balcony fit or plant new flowers.

There are many other great things you can do at home with your loved ones during the Corona crisis. We can't list all the good ideas here. But we want to add one more thing. Spend lots of time with the kids! Draw together, play chess or something else, do crafts! This is how everyone will get through the pandemic happy and he althy. Now you can call your numerous friends and relatives every day, because nobody has to be alone in this time of crisis! It's better if we show belonging and togetherness. Together we can do it and go through the pandemic!

The little ones particularly enjoy drawing and other creative activities.

Or do you prefer to read?Together we can do it!

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