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Plastic waste can unfortunately be found in the most remote places on earth. Ascending trend. Often one thinks that maybe it is already too late or that a person cannot do anything. But that's not true. As consumers, we have enormous power and should definitely use it to protect the environment and make a difference. It's no good if we look indifferently from the side and even cause more damage through wrong behavior. One of the most important steps towards responsible consumption is, for example, avoiding plastic and generally making your own lifestyle as waste-free as possible.

This is what a zero waste bathroom looks like

Of course, that can't happen overnight, but there are ways that lead to it and with the right attitude and practical tips it will definitely work. Luckily, there are already plenty of zero waste and zero-waste stores, both on-site and online. There you can find everything you need as an alternative product in almost every area of life.

Today we are talking about the zero waste bathroom. Check out what to do and how to do it at home below.

Rely on sustainable care products without microplastics!

Showering and bathing is also possible with Zero Waste

Conventional shampoos, hair conditioners and shower gels are not only packed in plastic containers, they often contain microplastics that are so harmful to the environment. So ban them from your bathroom as much as possible. A good option would be to switch to natural cosmetic products, which often come in biodegradable containers or are even available for refills at he alth food stores. Solid shampoo bars, hair conditioners, hair soaps and the good old soap in general are also available in many variants. You can find these not only at Lush, but also in many other high-quality online shops, such as Avocadostore or even at DM and other drugstores.

These sustainable bath products can be bought either unpackaged or only in paper or cardboard

It's also great to make solid shampoo or hair soap yourself. It's pretty easy and a lot of fun too. For an even more tingling bathing experience, you can just as easily make your own bath bombs or bath chocolates. These can be designed in many ways - with food coloring, dried flower petals or herbs.

Extra tip: Always keep your solid shampoo or hair soap in a dry place in the bathroom. That way they last longer. Braided sisal bags are also ideal for this. Another great idea is to put the care products on thin slices of loofah sponge. This way they dry faster and it also looks very decorative.

The wash gourd has always been an environmentally friendly bathing accessory

Preference sustainable tooth brushing

Why does your toothbrush have to be made of plastic at all? Bamboo toothbrushes are an excellent alternative to this. There are even those that have bristles made from bamboo fibers. These are completely compostable and do not harm the environment. Bioplastic toothbrushes might not be a bad idea either. Stop buying toothpaste in a tube. You can either make your own toothpaste yourself or switch to toothpaste powder or tablets. You can buy these in glass containers at many Zero Waste stores.

And what about the dental floss? Yes, you can also find these in a waste-free version without plastic containers. It can be real silk with beeswax or even made out of bamboo fibers.

Trust in the power of nature!

Body care with a difference

Of course you will also find everything Zero Waste for your body care. Some products are sometimes a little more expensive than the conventional ones, but are much more productive and are always worth it. Of course, this also includes the most important advantage that these benefit the body and the environment. Of course you can also make your own body butter, cream stones, solid deodorants, solid body lotions and peelings yourself and store them in nice tins or glass containers.

Trouser lenses in different sizes are perfect for this

Shave and remove make-up, but please zero waste!

Say no to disposable razors! These are thrown away after just a few shaves and thus only unnecessarily pollute the environment. Also Shaving foam from a can does not necessarily have to be. In any case, in most cases, as is often the case with conventional care products, it contains environmentally harmful ingredients that are not really good for your he alth either. You are in good hands with a safety razor made of stainless steel, a shaving brush made of wood or bamboo and shaving soap.

Back to good old shaving

And what about removing make-up? Still the disposable pads in the bathroom cabinet? That doesn't have to be the case either. Because reusable make-up remover pads save you money and nature a lot of waste in the long run. Also, the conventional ones are treated with chlorine and bleach, resulting in even more groundwater pollution.

Zero Waste Feminine Hygiene

Disposable pads and tampons are of course a convenient thing, but unfortunately not environmentally friendly. Over thousands of tons of it are constantly thrown away and end up in landfills without being able to be recycled. It is high time to think of nature in this context and to switch to alternative solutions. And luckily there are already plenty of them. Washable reusable pads made of pure cotton, reusable tampons and menstrual cups are just a few of them. And of course the decision is yours alone.

Zero waste in all hygiene areas

Cleaning the bathroom in an environmentally friendly way

Last but not least, let's think about cleaning the bathroom itself. Because the whole zero waste effort is not much use if we use the aggressive chemical club for cleaning. It is better to try environmentally friendly variants of the cleaning agents or only use household products to clean the bathroom. For example, you can easily make your own cleaning product and use it not only in the bathroom but also in other rooms. And if the drain is tight again, try the good old suction cup or soda and vinegar. Just pour four tablespoons of soda down the drain, and then throw in another half cup of vinegar. It will begin to flake off and in five minutes you can calmly rinse off with warm water. Done!

Only use natural textiles and wooden brushes for perfect cleanliness in the bathroom!

Always think about the environment and not just yourself

Design your bathroom Zero Waste and enjoy this with a clear conscience!

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