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Spring is finally here and with it the desire for something new. Because nothing drives away winter fatigue as easily and conjures up new freshness in the home as spring-like decorations. Beautiful flowers and colorful decorations are a welcome change after the dreary winter. Spring can also be captured in your living room or kitchen with our tips, decorating ideas and instructions.

  • Get rid of winter tiredness: How to bring spring into the house

Spring awakens the desire for a fresh and tidy home. However, the upcoming spring cleaning should be well planned. A hasty cleaning action can quickly become an impossible task. It is best to take breaks room by room and in between. It is important that each room is not only thoroughly cleaned, but also cleared out. Take each item to hand and consider whether it is still needed. Useless items can be donated or given away, broken items can be repaired or disposed of. You will notice that sorting out and clearing out not only offers space for new decoration ideas, but also has a positive effect on your mood.

Spring cleaning creates order and space for new things

  • The right colors for your decoration: soft pastel

Now that the home has been cleaned and tidied up, it's time to bring some color into the house. Say goodbye to heavy and dark colors! A soft pink or a light sky blue are the seasonal colors for an enchanting spring decoration. Pastel tones are the perfect colors to set colorful yet airy accents in your decoration and bring the lightness and freshness of spring into your living ideas. With pictures and clocks, cushions or flower vases in these soft colors, you can make your living room shine, for example. If you like it more lively, there is nothing wrong with a strong pink or a juicy green. But don't mix too many colors together. Stick to one color family or use complementary colors. Otherwise your beautiful idea can quickly become an overloaded canvas.

Pastel is the color nuance in the spring season

  • DIY decorating tips and tricks for spring

Spring offers so many beautiful decoration ideas and many of them can also be easily made yourself. You can easily make a beautiful window decoration or decoration for the windowsill and welcome spring. Or you can paint wonderful motifs on your window. Chalk markers are perfect for pretty DIY projects, especially in spring. You can use it, for example, to create wonderful window pictures and bring the colorful season into the house.

Beautiful window decorations are a must in spring

  • Simple decoration: Colorful bouquets

Flowers set great accents in your own four walls. Whether in the living room or in the kitchen: a beautiful vase with colorful flowers is a great table decoration for spring. In addition to fresh accents with curtains, blankets and cushions, you can now use the true heralds of spring as lively splashes of color. Bouquets are some of the most beautiful accessories for almost every room. In addition, you can also implement the colorful blossoms of nature in your spring decoration. Arranged in a vase, the beautiful decoration spreads a good mood and is a great eye-catcher on the table or on the windowsill. There are many ways to arrange the spring decorations in the glass. In addition to flowers, other natural materials are also great spring decorations. Above all, wood and other natural materials such as stones are great decorative elements that can be arranged on the table or in small bowls.

Pastel flowers are beautiful heralds of spring

Mucking out the apartment, setting new color accents with fresh bouquets of flowers or making great DIY decorations for spring. With these spring-themed decorating and living ideas, nothing stands in the way of transforming your home and welcoming spring in all its colorful splendour.

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