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Wood is a popular natural material that is widely used in every home. For example, real wood scores with its natural look. Its beautiful grain and structure are impressive and bring us a little closer to nature. A wooden floor or wall paneling can make any room in your home feel warmer and more inviting. With one exception though! Real wood does not go well in the bathroom because it is not water-resistant and cannot be used in damp rooms! It needs regular cleaning and proper maintenance, which not everyone likes. Nevertheless, there is a good solution for the bathroom and it is called bathroom tiles with a wood look! In this article you can find out why these tiles have become so popular in recent years and what advantages they bring. We also show great picture examples for the use of bathroom tiles with a wood look, which are worth a look!

If you want to achieve a natural look in the bathroom, then bathroom tiles with a wood look are the best option!

  • Bathroom tiles with a wood look score points with their near-natural design

Thanks to new technologies and modern production processes, it is no longer a problem to produce ceramic tiles of different designs. These can be found in different shapes, colors and formats. For example, the wood-look bathroom tiles are designed to be really natural in terms of surface glaze, so that they look deceptively real like natural wood.

Their grain looks like that of the real wooden floors or at least is hardly distinguishable from them. If you want a classic look in the bathroom, you can opt for floor and wall tiles with an oak design. Bathroom tiles with a larch look fit better into modern rooms, including the bathroom. There are also bathroom tiles with a wood look that imitate other types of wood, such as beech, chestnut and cherry. But that's by no means the end of your options. The tiles in the bathroom can also resemble pine, spruce, hazelnut or tropical wood. Their grain and color are absolutely natural!

Give modern bathroom tiles a wood look Your bathroom that certain something.

The fact that modern bathroom tiles with a wood look are easy to lay is also interesting. In order to bring out their beautiful wood design and natural grain, according to experts, you must provide a joint width of at least 2 mm when laying. The joints must be filled with suitable mortar. You can touch up the somewhat robust look with a tone-on-tone design. Also, consider matching bathroom furniture and accessories that further accentuate the natural charm of wood-look bathroom tiles.

Bathroom tiles with a wood look are eye-catching!

You also have a lot of freedom when using the wood-look bathroom tiles. This allows you to install only one or two walls in the bathroom or only part of them. The natural visual appearance of these tiles is beyond doubt. They immediately transform the area where they are used into an eye-catcher in the bathroom. This can be the shower corner, the floor or even the bathroom ceiling. In addition, the bathroom tiles with a wood look can be perfectly combined with other tiles, for example those with a marble look. Or opt for one or two vanity units with a wood look and enjoy the WOW effect!

They can also be combined well with marble tiles!

The visual effect is definitely stunning!

  • Bathroom tiles with a wood look are still durable and easy to care for

If the robust look is a typical feature of wood-look bathroom tiles, their durability and easy maintenance are their undoubted advantages. Such tiles combine the cozy look of wood with the practical benefits of ceramics. They are extremely durable and will keep their natural look for a long time with the right care. Furthermore, you can use them without any worries on the walls or floor in the bathroom, where it is often wet. The tiles are insensitive to moisture and moisture. Unlike wooden floorboards, which are unsuitable for the bathroom! Wood effect tiles are also scratch resistant, impact resistant and slip resistant, making them ideal for any bathroom! On the one hand they bring a touch of nature into the bathroom, on the other hand they ensure maximum cleanliness there. For example, mites, allergens and other microorganisms cannot find a breeding ground on the tiles. So your bathroom stays clean and looks warm and inviting at the same time.

Bathroom tiles have to be scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and non-slip, right?

Exactly the tiles with a wood look meet these criteria for safe bathing.

Last but not least, we would like to emphasize two important features of the bathroom tiles with a wood look. Undoubtedly, they will make your bathroom look warmer. In addition, they are much better at conducting heat than other surface coverings. In the cold months, your bathroom stays nice and warm, while in summer it is well cooled without consuming electricity. With that in mind, the wood look bathroom tiles are also an eco-friendly option. On the one hand you can save some electricity with it, on the other hand no tree has to be felled for their production! So, good for nature, good for your wallet!

Combine the natural tiles with white bathroom furniture and enjoy the visual contrast!

You can find matching bathroom tiles with a wood look for every taste and style!

There is a wide variety of wood-look bathroom tiles on the market that can easily satisfy even the highest demands.

They go well with any bathroom design and style.

Even a small bathroom can be designed with it and look beautiful.

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