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Would you like to make a pinwheel with the children on the first warm days and then play with it in the garden? You surely know our penchant for creative DIY ideas and our great fascination with the simpler ones. You can tinker the pinwheel from different materials. We will show you some ideas that convey the main principle. Once you get the hang of this, the rest will come pretty easily to you as well. Of course, as always, we have tried to provide plenty of images so that you have as many sources of inspiration as possible.

You will need these materials if you want to make a pinwheel

Typical Wind Turbine Materials

If you make a pinwheel, you could certainly use different types of materials. But as promised, we will show you the most used ones and teach you the main principle of crafting.

Colorful sheets of paper from cardboard or from a magazine are suitable

So this is what you definitely need:

  • Colored paper that is neither too thick nor too thin (magazine paper would be ideal!),
  • pencil and a line,
  • A suitable stick for the handle (e.g. straw, sushi sticks, etc.),
  • Scissors,
  • All-purpose glue, adhesive tape,
  • Pin.

Draw with a pencil and cut!

Instructions for handicrafts

Draw and Fold

Now we describe exactly how you can make a pinwheel. Follow us step by step and everything will work out just fine. Promised! The sheets of paper for a pinwheel must necessarily be square. If yours are shaped differently, you should use the ruler and pencil to shape each square into squares. You should then draw two lines vertically and horizontally so that you divide the sheet into four more squares. Fold the sheet of paper to one side so that you place the two sides on top of each other. So fold down again to form a small square. Open the sheet finally.


You should also take the scissors in your hand and cut along the lines towards the center. The cut should go up to two-thirds the distance between the center and the edge. Now you would need to fold the corners from the respective squares to the opposite edge. Fasten with the help of all-purpose glue. Do this over and over again in one direction naturally.

Attach and Finish

Once all leaf parts are folded, the pinwheel is finished. You can also attach them from one side with the help of adhesive tape. This should preferably be transparent. But a nice color of the adhesive tape could actually spice it up even more. Finally, with the help of the pin, you should attach the wheel to the stick or straw yourself.

As you can see from our drawings, the sheet of paper could be divided not only into squares but also into other figures! You could try all variants. Who said you should just make a pinwheel?

Secure in the center with a pin!

Why do you even need a wind turbine?

The pinwheel is of course a wonderful toy for children. You can blow it to make it spin, play with the pinwheel you just made in the garden or on the balcony. The wheel could also spin if you just run faster. A great reason to exercise! If you make a pinwheel, you could also use it afterwards as a measuring tool for measuring the strength of the wind. If you create several of these, you could then use them for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Fold all parts in one direction

You could even use it to make something for Easter or spring decorations with the right colors and patterns.

So give yourself some spontaneous joy in time for the first warm days of the 2022 summer season.

The following video tutorial is a bit more complicated, but it is definitely worth it and conveys the inner fascination of this DIY work of art!

You can attach the bike in many different ways

You can achieve this effect by using paper of different colors

Alternative for pinwheel with oval lines

The patterns can of course be very different!

An even more beautiful drawing

Here's the fabulous result!

Flower Pots with Pinwheels

Great original idea for decorating with a pinwheel element

It is more complicated to make such a pinwheel, but the video tutorial will help you out

A real work of art made from valuable materials!

Red pinwheels would be ideal for the garden decoration

Children will be especially happy with such a colorful work!

Of course, you could also design a pinwheel in pastel colors

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