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Tricks and tips for caring for carpets

The good old carpet - it gives the living room such a special charm and extra cosiness! Unfortunately, it no longer shines like new. Furniture imprints can already be seen, and there are also stains here and there that you can no longer hide under the sofa. But before you throw away your favorite rug and replace it with a new one, give it one last chance. Maybe the stains aren't as stubborn as you thought. And that may surprise you, but with a little effort, the furniture prints can also disappear without a trace.

You can of course just have your carpet cleaned and hope that it will shine like new after the professional cleaning. However, the solution can also literally be in your hands, because you can clean the carpet yourself and very successfully. You can do this with a few tips and tricks and some home remedies.

Clean the carpet yourself or have it cleaned?

Regular vacuuming is very important for proper carpet care. By vacuuming the carpet once a week, you don't give the dust a chance to settle deep into the fibers. Of course, the suction head of the vacuum cleaner is also important for optimal carpet care. A brush vacuum is much more effective compared to a normal carpet nozzle.

Regular vacuum cleaning

If you regularly vacuum the coarse dust and dirt from the carpet, your carpet can stay fresh and clean for a long time. However, from time to time stains appear that should be treated at the moment so that they can be removed at all.

You will find numerous chemical carpet cleaning agents in specialist shops, but sometimes seconds count and you don't have time to buy the right agent now. In this case, use cleaning agents that you have at hand at home. You may not even suspect that the following home remedies also have cleaning abilities:

♦ S alt

♦ baking powder

♦ Lemon Juice

♦ Vinegar/vinegar water

♦ mineral water

♦ ice/ice cubes

♦ Shaving Cream

♦ Glass cleaner

Household products make heavy carpet stains disappear

The basic rule when removing stains is that the stain must never be rubbed or rubbed. If necessary, you may only dab the stain.

Tip: Place a towel on the fresh stain and let clear water run through it. This will draw the liquid from the stain into the towel.

Don't be afraid of red wine stains

Each stain is removed differently.

Red wine stains are considered particularly stubborn, but when they are fresh they can be completely removed with the help of the household remedy s alt. Put the s alt on the stain and wait until it turns reddish. This happens because the s alt soaks up the red wine. Then you can vacuum away the s alt and repeat this several times until the red wine stain completely disappears.

Chocolate stains are removed by ice. The cold ice freezes the chocolate and you can easily break it out of the carpet.

Coffee stains are removed with mineral water or baking soda. Put one on the stain and wait for it to dry. Then just suck off.

Many stains are also treated with lemon juice or vinegar water. However, these home remedies have a bleaching effect and should therefore only be used on light-colored carpets.

The glass cleaner can also be a very good helper when removing carpet stains. Reach for it when dealing with stubborn stains.

Glass cleaner against carpet stains

The right carpet care and cleaning also depends on the type of carpet (natural fiber carpets, synthetic fiber carpets). Learn more about how furniture marks are treated from experienced carpet experts such as

The carpet foam can also be replaced with shaving cream

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