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We recently published an article on the general rules of pruning roses. We mentioned that there are some varieties with their own specifics. The peonies are a subject in themselves. They are particularly popular because of the magnificent appearance of their flowers. However, this is not a matter of course. The beauty of these flowers depends very much on how and when you prune the peonies. Would you like to know more? Then stay tuned and read on!

The peonies are some of the most gorgeous flowers imaginable

The different types of peonies

Before reading up on pruning peonies, also known as peonies, you'd love to learn about their general care. The following article on our website informs you about the topic. The most important thing to consider when it comes to pruning is the fact that there are two main groups of peonies.

Depending on which one they belong to, they also have to be cut back very differently. On the one hand there are perennials and on the other hand shrub peonies. Of course, there are also some popular hybrid strains. With these, you have to cleverly combine the rules.

You can use peonies in decoration

Pruning perennial peonies

We distinguish perennial peonies thanks to their herbaceous shoots. In contrast to the shrub peonies, they have to be cut every year. The most favorable moment for this would be late winter. The timing should be in February or March and it is determined in accordance with the temperatures of that year. In the case of perennial peonies, all shoots must be cut back. This must be done over a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 cm. Cutting back in the fall should be seen as the absolute exception. However, this must not happen too early. Observe the plants and only cut back when all of their parts have fully retracted. If you cut prematurely, the plant will remain very poor in nutrients.

So magnificent You have to make an effort to get beautiful flowers

The Shrub Peonies

On the one hand, shrub peonies are easier to care for than perennial peonies. They develop very well even without outside help. This way you can achieve a beautiful appearance quite easily and structure your garden without any problems if you have used them in the right places, of course. These peonies rarely need pruning. The difficult thing is that you have to watch the growth of the roses and get the timing right. You have to cut back the shrub peonies when they have suffered severely from snow pressure. You can tell by the brittle appearance of the branches. In this case, you need to cut back the damaged shoots. Their minimum height should then be around 30 cm.

The perennial and shrub peonies are cut very differently

Here you must also remember that the pruning only has to be done in late winter and more precisely in March. By no means should you do this in the fall as that would likely damage the plants extensively.
Another reason for pruning shrub peonies would be to allow for branching. Concentrate on these ground shoots, which have few branches. You can cut these back in half, but in some cases even more if the branching is really sparse. The optimal interface is slightly above the bud, about 5 mm.

The beautiful flowers can be so diverse!

Procedure for hybrids

Should we prune the hybrid peonies? You just need a little more care for this. Otherwise, the same applies as with the shrub and perennial peonies. When cutting back, you should simply omit the places with the firm shoots, or just cut them back in March if necessary.

We hope that we have helped you to take care of your peonies and wish you many years of enjoyment in your beautiful rose garden.

Vases with magnificent peonies - ideal for vintage and retro decoration

This is one of the most popular colors

This is what the festive peony garden decoration could look like

Peonies are usually cut shortly before the beginning of spring

With the right care, you too could have a garden like this

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