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Well, a situation we've never experienced before - unlimited quarantine or staying at home longer because of the dangerous corona virus. We really have to stay at home if possible and think about our safety and that of other people. Unfortunately, social contacts are currently not desired and can pose a serious threat to many of us. Luckily there is social media and the numerous communication technologies that make it possible for us to be together despite the difficult times. It is not for nothing that many online platforms and blogs have called up the so-called Stay-at-home-Challenge and suggested many virtual events and activities.

We also want to give you some helpful activity ideas on how to kill boredom. Of course, these also apply otherwise, but especially now. Don't give up and stay confident. It is a time for more mindfulness as well as creativity and solidarity. We will get through this Corona crisis together!

1 Mucking out and tidying up the wardrobe

It's time for a change of season anyway. Use the time now to organize your closet and get rid of unnecessary items of clothing. You probably have clothing containers nearby where you can safely dispose of them. To create a perfect order, you can follow KonMarie's practical tips.

2 Sort and dispose of small items

I'm sure there's already plenty of small stuff all over your own four walls. For example, start with your workplace. Right now you need more overview than usual. This ensures more clarity and inner balance. In this way you can ultimately work much more concentrated.

3 Arrange computer and mobile phone

You have long wanted to sort and assign all your folders and photos on your computer and mobile phone. Now you have more time for this and should use it optimally. Set aside 30-40 minutes a day for this.

4 board games with the family

It doesn't always have to be a video game. The great board games are just waiting to be used again. The settlers of Catan, Ludo or UNO… the choice is large and you can spend many hours of fun together like before.

5 Listen to podcasts

Especially if you work from home and your eyes and back are too strained during the day, you can relax in the armchair from time to time and listen to interesting podcasts. At the same time, this also helps the brain to switch off briefly and devote itself to another area of thought.

6 Expressive Writing

Expressive writing, also known as journaling, is also very helpful, not only when you are bored at home, but also in general when you have negative thoughts or mild depressive moods. What is reminiscent of writing a diary frees the soul and at the same time strengthens the immune system. Here you can find out exactly how this works.

7 Read books or watch series

The good old books! Sometimes we unfairly neglect them. Pick up one of your favorite books and relive it or get yourself a new book recommendation, depending on your own taste and personal preferences of course.

8 Learning a foreign language online

Learning a foreign language is not for everyone, but it is a lot of fun in our digital age. Because the range of online courses and workshops is really enormous. Many of them are even free. Everyone can find their favorite teachers and channels, for example on YouTube, without obligation, or take part in a tandem language program.

9 Virtual tours through museums

All lovers of history and culture cannot do without it now. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to physically go to a museum or art gallery, but you can do so thanks to the numerous virtual museum tours offered by many museums around the world.

Try 10 new recipes

Children love baking. Especially when it's possible with mom. In this way you can playfully try out new recipes or, of course, old, well-tried ones and have a lot of fun with your children. become like this They not only drive away boredom, but also bring a lot of joy to the little ones.

Implement 11 DIY projects and craft ideas

Handicrafts are of course also very popular, and not just with children. We adults also love to implement creative DIY projects and craft ideas. Luckily, Easter is just around the corner and it's time for handicrafts. Of course, Easter crafts with children don't just mean coloring and decorating Easter eggs. You can still make lots of things together with the little ones - Easter bunnies, Easter baskets, chicks, flowers or Easter baskets… just to name a few.

12 Wellness at home

It will be a while before we all go back to a SPA center relaxed. But we can now set up our own home wellness. An aroma bath with homemade bath bombs, a he althy face mask or a hair treatment will definitely do us good and put us in the right mood.

13 Do spring cleaning now

The beginning of spring is officially here! So, start spring cleaning in good time. That's how you hit two mosquitoes with one hit. On the one hand you can drive away boredom and on the other hand you take care of hygiene at home, which is currently even more important.

14 Short trips in the fresh air

Playgrounds and many public parks are currently closed or should be avoided. However, it is not a bad idea to go out into the fresh air and it is particularly important for physical and mental well-being. Therefore, if possible, take short walks in nature where no people are around. Wide meadows and forests are perfect for this.

15 Meditation and Yoga

Those who meditate and practice yoga regularly don't really know boredom. It gives you a completely different perspective on life and everything that's going on. You are more alert and focused, yet relaxed and confident. You learn to feel deep gratitude through mindfulness and to perceive the here and now with all your senses.

Stay as positive as possible and appreciate every single moment in life. Because that is the most precious gift we have. Take care of your loved ones and yourself and do everything possible to show solidarity with others be.

In this sense: drive away boredom and create more inner peace!

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